Tennis Betting Tips

Tennis BettingTennis belongs to top world’s sports in terms of betting volume. When it comes to placing bets on tennis matches, punters always have a big selection of betting markets and competitions to find value and make a reasonable betting decision. With such great tennis players like Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, and Andy Murray it seems nothing is easier than to predict correctly which rival to win a single match or title. However, to turn tennis betting into a long-term profitable business, it is crucial to implement effective betting techniques and benefit from experts tennis betting tips. Here are useful and important tips on how to succeed in tennis betting in the long run.

Tennis betting tips

  1. Find value bets and assess tennis betting odds. Like in case of betting on any other sports, finding value in tennis matches is a key to be in the black. There are a lot of factors to consider and variables to take into account when choosing the right outcomes for your wagers. You want to be able to identify players’ strong and weak points as well as their ability to win on different court surfaces. Whether it is men’s or women’s tennis, to compete with bookies, it is important to predict tennis match outcomes better than they do. It is essential to see overvalued and undervalued tennis betting odds in various betting markets. Besides, to make profits in the long run, you need to identify which markets and online betting websites have higher or lower margins. It is clear that any relatively slight difference in figures can drastically impact your winnings amount.
  2. Have a betting strategy. All successful bettors use effective betting strategies. Basically, it is impossible to make a profit by placing bets only on the best tennis players. Bookmakers always offer short betting odds for favourites as well as sportsmen who are likely to win a single match or a tournament. That’s why bettors find attractive selections in the Handicap, Total, Correct Score and other markets to boost betting odds and get higher returns. With that, increasing the betting odds typically leads to higher risks of losing money. To mitigate these risks, you want to be equipped with a profitable betting system. There is a huge variety of money making techniques on the Internet, and it is up to you which system you want to implement. The tennis betting strategy should go hand-in-hand with an accurate bankroll management focused on generating profits.
  3. Have accounts with several bookmakers. It is reasonable to register and have accounts with several online betting websites. Selecting a single bookmaker for placing bets on tennis matches can significantly decrease your chances of making profits over the longer term. Accounts with more bookies basically provide more betting markets to choose the correct selections from. In addition, with a few bookmakers, you have a wider range of betting odds.Tennis Betting Tips
  4. Focus on certain tennis players and tournaments. With a great variety of tennis events taking place around the world, it makes sense to specialize in certain tournaments. Likewise, it is a good idea to focus on some sportsmen and bet mainly on your favourites. A lot of successful pundits wager exceptionally on players and tournaments they know best. It is a tough task to predict an outcome of each tennis match, especially with different tennis players competing. To render the right betting decisions, you need to know the ropes in tennis betting. Do a lot of research on certain players and tournaments, learn statistics, read experts’ tips and predictions. Like those professional bettors, try to focus on tennis players and competitions you know best.
  5. Choose the betting markets. A good rule of thumb is to select the tennis betting markets you are most comfortable with. While some tennis betting market might seem tricky for you, you can easily find value bets in another one. It is up to you where to look for the right selections for your bets, whether it is the Match, Handicap, Total or Set Winner market. With a number of various betting markets available, you are able to choose selections with better tennis odds. As a result, you get higher winnings and boost your bankroll much quicker. Numerous betting markets also provide some room for manoeuvre while choosing the right betting strategy.
  6. Try yourself in live tennis betting. If you are good at predicting tennis matches outcomes, you can also benefit from in-play tennis betting. With numerous live-streaming services and online betting websites, it is possible to bet on tennis matches streamed online. Of course, it is much easier to predict the winner when you are watching the sporting event you are going to bet on. However, to succeed in live tennis betting, apart from your prediction skills, you also need to have a sophisticated knowledge of tennis. Otherwise, you will not find value. For example, a good understanding of player’s serving style makes the big difference in live tennis betting. A strong server has much more chances of winning the point, while a tennis player who is not so good at serving doesn’t have this potential advantage. Live tennis betting provides a lot of markets and offers a fast way to get a profit from betting on selections such as the game or set winner.Victoria Azarenka win over Maria Sharapova
  7. Understand tennis players’ playing styles. There is a lot of websites on the Internet providing live broadcasts of tennis tournaments. These web resources also feature video archives with previously recorded tennis matches and footages, therefore you always have a chance to evaluate player’s playing style, whether it is the aggressive baseliner, send-and-volleyer, counter puncher or the all-court-player. To know the tennis player’s playing manner is one of the key tennis betting tips to get a boost. Adequately assessing players’ styles, their advantages and disadvantages, you will be able to find value and make accurate predictions.
  8. Learn head-to-head stats. The majority of professional punters pay particular attention to head-to-head statistics. If sportsmen have already competed in face-to-face encounters, you can drill down to different aspects of their previous matches to make a reasonable bet. Head-to-head stats always give a clear understanding of how rivals are comfortable or uncomfortable for each other. Optimally, when the tennis players faced each other a lot of times. In such case, you can draw the correct conclusions. If there were very few matches, you should not rely solely on these statistics. It is also important to look at when the last matches between tennis players took place. If the sportsmen faced each other about four or six years ago, then everything could change very much since then.
  9. Be aware of surfaces. This is actually another essential point to be taken into account while choosing tennis players to bet on. For example, Rafael Nadal, who is currently ranked No.1 in men’s singles tennis, the winner of 16 Grand Slam singles titles and Olympic gold medal, has never won ATP World Tour Finals since the competitions take place on indoor hard courts where the Spanish tennis superstar is not the best. Andy Murray earlier played best on clay surfaces, however, then he managed to find the tools to perform well on other surfaces and finally won the title on the red-dirt. Apart from some great sportsmen who can outcompete any opponent on any surface, the majority of tennis players prefer one surface to another. Needless to say, that they show better results on their favourite courts and surfaces. To sum it up, before comparing the betting odds and making bets on tennis matches check whether the surface where competitions take place is convenient for your favourite.

Benefit from tennis tips and predictions. A great idea is to take advantage of successful tipsters’ betting tips. Basically, it is crucial if you are clueless about some area of tennis betting. You can follow useful tennis tips made by tipsters, experienced punters and sports experts. First of all, you need to do research about an expert or tipster you are going to follow. Find out how many of his predictions are correct and wrong. Determine what are the average betting odds his predictions come with. Many tipsters and pundits on the Web are not good at sports betting, and their major purpose is to get money out of you. A good rule of thumb is to use predictions that don’t contradict with your own judgments.

Article by our expert Expert Paul MorrisonPaul Morrison Sports Specialist, Independent Sports Betting Expert

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Nice shots of tennis ladies. Betting tips will also do.
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Nice tips, though kinda general. I hoped to find some hands-on betting tips for stuff like Grand Slam happenings
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