Golf Betting Tips

Golf Betting TipsToday we have a whole plethora of sports in which competitions are taking place every day around the globe. Some sports are more popular and well-known than the others with the events watched regularly by many fans. Being rather a niche sports golf boomed in popularity some fifteen years ago when such talented golfers as Tiger Woods introduced it to a wider audience by making golf matches more spectacular. However, as with any popular sport today golf can be not only enjoyable to watch but profitable to bet on. What follows is our golf betting tips and a guide for developing your own strategy that allows you to make profit consistently from betting on golf events.

Golf Tips as for What to Start With  

If you are new to sports staking in general and golf betting, in particular, the amount of information concerning the matter may seem overwhelming. However, everything is not that hard and the way from a novice bettor to a professional making money from golf bets is much shorter than that from an amateur golf player to a pro. As with playing golf succeeding in golf betting requires certain skills, which you can develop over time though. While golf players use their skills and some luck when competing you need to have a solid strategy resulting in an effective staking and minimizing the risks of losing your bets. In general, this strategy implies the understanding of golf events and selection of players to bet on as well as comprehending betting odds and betting value. To build the strategy faster read our golf betting tips.

Golf Tips for Major Golf Events to Focus On

In giving you some golf betting tips, using which you can build an effective betting strategy we start by reviewing the major golf events held every year. Actually, in men’s major golf league there are four yearly events carried out in succession to each other. These events start in February with the matches of the European Tour (held in Malaysia in 2018) and go on in April with the Masters Tournament held as an invitational competition in the U.S. state of Georgia, which is followed by the U.S Open in June played at various locations throughout the USA. With the Open Championship in July hosted by the R&A and played on a golf course of the oldest style called links course, the focus shifts to the United Kingdom, to one of the ten locations there. The closing major golf event of the year is the PGA Championship in August, which is hosted by the Professional Golfers’ Association of America and played in the territory of the United States (with supporting acts sometimes played in South America or Asia).

To sum up, the two biggest championships held each year you need to keep an eye on are the European Tour and the PGA (LPGA for women) Tour.

While the mentioned tournaments cover the most of so-called individual stroke play golf events there are competitions in the other format. In PGA and European Tour, golf players compete to achieve a lower total sum of shots required for putting a ball in each of 18 holes, which is also known as a stroke play. In golf matches of the other type, individual golf players or teams need to outscore their opponents hole-by-hole. An important and interesting cross-continent tournament called the Ryder Cup (Solheim Cup for ladies) is held every two years and has the best golfers from Europe pitted against the best American players.

These tournaments attract the majority of professional golfers, including top-rated athletes, so the first golf tip is to familiarize yourself with the tournament’s statistics regarding the favourites and outsiders, venues played on and unexpected player performances and achievements. If you aim at making a constant income from golf betting you need to remember that the sports data analysis is crucial. While players have their skills and some luck competing against each other you as a bettor have very little luck and ought to rely on your analytical skills and balanced approach instead.

Understanding Golf Betting Odds

Golf BettingSimilar to other sports, for which there are online and other forms of betting available, golf bookmakers provide you with odds. All the players participating in a certain golf event, whom you can bet on, are listed each with his or her odds. These odds are positive decimal numbers with one decimal digit ranging from nearly 1.0 to 200.0 and even more. Thus, a golf player may be listed with 5.0 while another one with 45.0 or 100.0 odds for the tournament. Actually, the odds values provided by a bookmaker show how the bookmaker evaluates the chances of a golfer’s winning the competition. With that, the higher the odds value listed the lower the golfer’s chances to win from the bookmaker’s point of view and vice versa. The odds listed are some kind of golf betting tips provided by the bookmaker to point out the favourites, mid-range players, and outsiders. For example, if we pick two players with 10.0 and 101.0 odds listed respectively, the former has a clearly favourable position and the latter is considered an outsider in the eye of the bookmaker.

Indeed, converting decimal odds to their implied probability using the simple formula, in which the probability equals 1/the odds or the odds value inversed makes it more clear. Thus, for the first athlete with 10.0 odds, the implied probability of winning the match is 1/10.0, which equals 0.1 or a hefty 10% while the second one gets only a 1/101.0 or 0.09%. However, comparing players based on the odds is only one of the golf tips, as you’ll see later.

What is even more important, is that a bettor profit depends directly on a golfer odds. Your profit is calculated according to the formula: Profit= (Your Stake*Player Odds) – Your Stake. In other words, the higher the odds (and lower the chances of a player to win) the higher return from the investment you get in the form of a betting profit, the lower the odds (bigger winning chances) the lower the potential profit is. Therefore grading golf event competitors in such a way bookmakers leverage the high forecasted probability of a golfer winning the competition with a comparatively low amount of the prize money the bettor gets if the placed stake wins. All in all, it seems like golf betting tips are already included in odds.


What Betting Strategy Is for If We Have Golf Tips by Bookmakers?  

You may ask why we need to elaborate a betting strategy, delve into tournament statistics, track players performance and so on if we already have clues included in the betting odds. However, you need to keep in mind that bookmakers allow placing bets to make money on your bets, which they successfully do. That is how bookmakers run their business – they profit from your stakes. In reality, the most of bettor stakes end up in bookmakers’ pockets because they simply don’t win. Therefore, even seemingly highly profitable options of betting on favourites are never 100% certain, not even 90%. One of the important golf betting tips we’d like to share with you is not limiting yourself with betting on favourites only.

Practice shows that it is not uncommon for outsiders to come up with great results and even finishing a competition in top ten or top five. That’s why our golf betting tips include the recommendation of doing a thorough research of individual players’ and golf teams’ statistics, of how players started the season and how they proceed. Another important aspect of golf events is the venue, on which the match is to be played. Each venue has its own golf course, which may influence a golfer performance dramatically as some athletes can successfully rival their more decorated and top-listed opponents on golf courses of a certain type.

Some golfers and teams may start a tour with very moderate performance and pick up steam by the end of the tour while others’ results may degrade closer to the finish. As your aim is to profit off of a golf event, in the long run, you need to stay on the predefined course. Another one of important golf betting tips is not to get carried away by golfers’ performances however impressive or uninspiring they may seem and stick to your rational betting plan not to break a bank.         

Golf Tips for Your Value Bets

Simply put, to make a stable profit from golf betting you need to develop skills for evaluating the probability of a certain sports event (athletes/teams win, lose, etc.) with an accuracy higher than that implied odds provided by bookmakers. With such skills, you will be able to make so-called value bets, which are calculated rather simply:
Value = (Decimal Bookmaker Odds * Your Assessed Probability) – 1.

For example, for a player with odds of 9.0 and your prediction of him/her winning based on your research of 15% (0.15 for the formula), we get:

Value = (9.0 * 0.15) – 1=1.35-1=0.35, which is more than zero. Being more than zero qualifies the bet as one of the value bets, which need to be your top-priority in placing your bets.

Using all golf betting tips and implementing your strategy you’ll be able to profit on golf betting in a long run.

Article by our expert Expert Paul MorrisonPaul Morrison Sports Specialist, Independent Sports Betting Expert

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