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Horse racing today is more than a sport and a lifestyle, it is also a part of many cultural traditions. For many people horse racing results are also a source of income, and we are not talking about jockeys, coaches or veterinarians. It’s hard to find another sport that offers the same level of excitement. For many people todays horse racing tips are very important part of their day as they study horse racing cards.

History of Horse Racing

Horse racing is a very old sport where traditions are abound. Horse racing sport has been practiced for thousands of years from the time the first horse has been domesticated. Some ancient horse races in Persia, Egypt and Babylon involved sets of riders and horses competing against each other, in another tradition horses pulled chariots with riders. The earliest recorded horse race occurred on a track in Greece and this type of races became popular across Europe and the United Kingdom. In our times, horse races involving chariots became almost obsolete because carts of any built were more prone to crashes and injuries compared to saddles. But the most important factor of the horse racing is the special bond between the rider and the horse.

Horses that take part in horse racing today are a breed in their own right. They are “thorough bred” because they are thought to belong to the bloodline of stallions brought from Assyria to breed with British mares. Up to these days horses of Turkish and Arabian descent are the strongest and the fastest showing great horse racing results. Thoroughbred horses are now the most popular racing horse breed in England and Europe and they show the best results today, which is evident from publicly available horse racing cards.

England became obsessed about horses and horse racing results and so “English Classic” horse races appeared in the 18th century in Epsom Oakes later evolving into Epsom Derby. Soon the thoroughbred breed was transported to North America and the flat style of horse racing became prevalent around the world. Horse racing today has been shaped by traditions of many countries, and todays horse racing tips depend on this knowledge.

Modern Horse Racing

Horse Racing 2Horse racing today is built on the same foundations as the centuries-old races. And unlike many other ancient sports, horse races are just as exciting and thrilling as they were thousands years ago and this matters if you look at horse racing results today. To taste this age-old tradition all you need to do is to visit your local horse racing track or explore the equally exciting world of online horse races. Of course, the structure of horse racing has evolved greatly during the years. There are four categories in horse racing each with own todays horse racing tips: stakes racing, maiden racing, allowance, and claiming races. There are many subcategories, too, but let’s briefly describe these main categories.

Maiden race

Only horse that has never won before can participate in a maiden race. Experienced bettors always bet in such races because the thrill of unknown is unbeatable as you never know results. How can you predict the success of a horse that has never won a race? And if you are lucky to pick the right horse and beat the statistics of results, the thrill of victory is second to none.

Claiming races

Horses that can be purchased after the race take part in claiming races. In these events, an interested party not only bets on a horse they like, they also intend to buy it for their stable after the victory which affects horse racing results today.  An interested party claims the horse before the race. Like in an auction, this race can be a hit or miss for many bettors and results are often unpredictable.

Allowance races

Horses that meet a certain condition can take part in allowance races, and these horses can be maidens or not. There are many sets of conditions for horses to participate in allowance races, as each country has its own traditions which you need to keep in mind to succeed in horse racing today and to better calculate results, especially if you take yesterday results.

Stakes races

Stakes horse races are the most popular and most exciting both for viewers and for bettors. In the USA, these are national favorite races such as Kentucky Derby. Only the best horses can participate in these premier events. The stakes can be millions dollars and this depends on horse racing results today. Graded events are most highly rated. Graded horse races feature horses from all over the world.

Horse Racing Tips

There are many types of strategies when it comes to horse racing and you must get the most precise horse racing results. For example, laying is predicting that one horse in a race will not win the race. This way, you depend on horse results and are betting against all people that predict that this horse will win. For instance, in a twelve-horse race you want to bet that one horse will show best results in the race, so you have all other horses to run against you and all other bettors — thousands of them! — are betting against you and often relying on horse racing results yesterday. Some experts claim that this strategy for horse racing today guarantees a win  since the odds are with you and not against you.

Another rule of todays horse racing tips is to pick the best horse and bet on it hoping for best results. But there are thousands of people studying the same sports books and learning the same horse results about the best horse in the race. Your odds to win big diminish greatly! For that reason many bettors avoid placing their bets on a favorite because betting on a false favorite is the shortest way to the debt house. According to publicly available statistics, only 30 percent of favorites actually win the races. Experience bettors spend their time looking for false favorites and this process can be quite simple if you follow the rules.

  1. First take the local newspaper or a Racing Post website (better if you use both) and simply select the races with the highest numbers of competing horses in them. For best results you should look for handicap races with more than sixteen horses.
  2. To broaden your search, also look for horse racing results with female jockeys and apprentice jockeys.
  3. Now pick the races when the off for the favorite were more than seven by four. These horses are true favorites and your betting strategy in horse racing should base on them.
  4. Use Racing Post and sportsbooks to find the odds betting on these horses and improve horse racing results. If odds are lower than 2.8, then these horses are worth of your bets.

When following these rules, you will notice that you win more than you lose, and the more you study the races in this manner, the higher your chances of scoring high.

As we discuss the whole process of betting on horse races, you would think should not be difficult, should it? You watch the beautiful intelligent animals and their clever jockeys competing, so pick the best-looking horse and you are all set on your way to the bank.

But in our age of internet horse racing today became more complicated. Of course, now you can experience the thrill of betting on horses from the comfort of your home, especially if you are not lucky to have a horse racing track nearby. Online betting on horses became a popular pastime and also a good source of income for many people who keep track of horse racing results today.

Thanks to the easy availability of information, horse racing results today, and sports betting books you can learn all you need about the horse and the owner from anywhere in the world. This levels the playing field for experts and novices since anyone can make a smart, knowledge-based betting decision. These days you don’t have to be physically present at the track to get accurate horse results or personally know horse racing tipsters to get some insider horse racing tips and check horse racing odds. You can learn about horses and their owners, and then build your profitable online betting strategy from your living room or a local pub.

To succeed in horse racing today you must do your homework and put your emotions aside. You must first learn more about horse handicapping and betting on this method — this is important in getting more accurate horse racing results today. Horse racing, as we know well by now, is a very old sport and must be taken seriously. Only a solid strategy and loads of knowledge will guarantee success. Make yourself familiar with the fundamentals of horse racing, learn the industry buzzwords, and choose the horse racing betting strategy that you feel most comfortable with. After all you are putting your own money at stakes.

Speaking of bets, there are very straightforward types of betting and earning profits on horse racing and predict horse racing results today. First, you have to master the simplest types of betting and then proceed with more complex combined bets that also offer better chances of earning. Different race types and different surfaces also call for different style of betting.

It is also essential for success in horse racing today to learn more about horses and riders before you place your bets, especially if you cannot get horse racing tips or compare horse racing odds. A lot of factors can change from one race to another and determine horse racing results today. For example, a horse’s fitness and overall performance can change as well as the jockey change and even the barn where the horse is kept. Horse racing involves a lot of research and planning. This preparation ensures best chances of success. Professional horse racing bettors who continuously collect hefty rewards also have a lot of knowledge and experience. So if you plan to become a successful bettor and earn good money from horse racing then you must be prepared to work full-time learning about horses and their racing history.

The main aim of online horse racing betting is to win but also to enjoy the whole process. As any bettor would tell you for best horse racing results today, the main ground rule is to never bet more than you are prepared to lose. This is the basis of responsible gambling. Plan your bets based on your budget and don’t get carried away.

As horse betting moves online, you have the whole world at your fingertips Horse racing sports is steadily growing into a trend with a massive following. More and more people every day are watching the major races and more resources are made available.

Thanks to the power of the internet you can place bets on online and learn horse racing results from horse races worldwide without the need to travel to famous racing tracks in Kentucky or Kent. Horse racing websites of course cannot get you that special feel of a celebrity-clad racing track such as The Goodwins but you still get the opportunity to watch the famous jockeys and horses with amazing racing histories running at the track.

Most well-known online betting platforms offer the affordable entry to try your luck at online horse race betting. You can watch and bet at these races in real-life time and you can also access statistics and history to make a knowledgeable bet. The media coverage of major horse racing events has grown significantly, too, which is a sign of an important trend that cannot be missed. Not anymore online horse betting is for shady people with inside knowledge and horse racing tips from tipsters to predict horse racing results and get the latest fast horse racing results. The improving image of horse racing betting helps to create better races and overall improve the experience of bettors and viewers. Lots of websites where you can check horse racing results today, along with helpful guides, fast horse racing results, and horse racing tips to improve horse racing odds and general contribute to the education of the horse racing betting community.