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Greyhound racing is very similar to horse racing as both sports are gaining popularity and both are highly entertaining social occasions, in addition to being a source of income for some and a huge source of good cheer and adrenaline rush for most of its spectators. Maybe you are an avid fan of greyhound racing or are considering to start greyhound bet for the first time, we hope that these tips and advice would be of help.

Greyhound racing is quickly becoming is a popular attraction for bettors and spectators in many countries across the world. It is worth noting that American, British, and Australian greyhound racing tracks have a lot in common. During the race, greyhounds chase an artificial lure which resembles a rabbit, around the track, and the fastest dog wins the race. People place their wagers on dogs that they believe have a strong chance to win the race. They can also bet on the order in which dogs finish the race, for example, which dog comes second, third, and so on. There are also wagers when players pick dogs that can win two or more races, but to succeed in this type of betting you must be a true expert in the greyhound racing matters.

At the same time, American greyhound races have some differences from the rest of the world. US races have two more dogs racing, and that makes it difficult for onlookers to choose which dog is the fittest and the fastest to place their bets on.

Dog racing class in the UK is usually defined by the type of race, for example, a race with the best dog racing stars in England would be called an A1 race. Thankfully, most online betting websites that allow betting on greyhound racing events clearly describe the races for international viewers and bettors.

Dog Racing Books and Guides

Guides for greyhound bet are quite straightforward. These guides such as Racing Post greyhounds guide will help you decide which greyhound races to place your bets on, with some suggestions how much to bet, so overall these greyhound racing cards and books will be of great help for you to define your betting strategy. Such guides also contain fast greyhound results, greyhound tips, and fast dog results which is essential to predict dog racing results today.

This abundance of information sometimes shocks newcomers to the greyhound racing world who simply cannot believe that they get to use so much information immediately free of charge. In addition to greyhound racing results, greyhound racing cards, various risks and odds associated with each dog, greyhound racing tips and some of the most current dog racing results today is available immediately for each player so they can start building their betting strategies.

The most reliable indicator of the winner in greyhound racing is the physical condition of a greyhound. Dog’s fitness levels indicate how well the dog has been running and how well was its overall performance in greyhound racing events the dog has performed during its career. Each greyhound can be assessed by a several different statistics and points which are combined to derive a final total number. This number indicates the ranking of the dog although you can also see which numbers make up this total in the greyhound racing cards.

How does performance of a dog reflected in the greyhound racing cards and can you use it to build your greyhound racing results today? Dog’s shape means a lot more than you could possibly imagine. For example, if a dog is quite young and not running very fast, you could decide that it has simply not coping well with demanding system of dog racing and all it needs to reach its full potential is time and experience to grow and mature.

At the same time if a dog has a long history of running dog racing events and still performs below the average level, this may not be a temporary glitch but a steady decline in its fitness. So you should think well before you continue betting on this dog. Again, you must study greyhound racing results today to notice any worrying signs before you make your greyhound bet. Such dogs may be closing their retirement or they may need a short vacation off the dog racing to recover from the stressful dog racing environment.

The reliable greyhound guide such as Racing Post greyhound racing results always considers the wellness of racing dogs which may be a lot more willing to race and are prepared to go extra mile. At the same time, a well-performing dog may still struggle to perform consistently as it takes time for them to settle into routine.

Overall, if a racing dog doesn’t perform well and earns its owner a lot of money, its ranking drops and it is assigned a lower grade. Such dogs which keep bouncing between D and C grades are the most unpredictable ones when it comes to fast greyhound results available in print or online. These categories of greyhound racing dogs should be avoided as their performance is unpredictable and therefore risks are too high.

Greyhound Betting Books

Greyhound Racing 2You should approach the greyhound racing books with a good dose of caution because their reliability can vary to a great level.  First of all, most of these books which can certainly help you to get fast dog results and great greyhound racing tips, are usually filled with exaggerated claims that you will never lose a race again or you would win 100% of all races. This is certainly a marketing trick because even if you resort to statistics, you would see that it is impossible to win all the time, and with some winning streak is always followed by a losing streak, even a short and insignificant one.

Your best bet is to walk past such greyhound betting books which make ungrounded claims and exaggerated promised because these tricks do not guarantee you any success. Take these claims with caution because there are certain ways to protect you from some risks in greyhound racing and betting, but there is definitely no surefire way of winning all the races in your life. If there was such way, all greyhound racing tracks would close tomorrow for the lack of money, as all bettors would be swimming in money! Even if the proposed way in greyhound bet book promises you the best dog racing tips today and some of their tricks looks like cheating, remember that even cheating doesn’t guarantee anything.

We all know that the greyhound racing book market is overloaded with betting books, but we think you can save quite a lot of money by sticking to a reasonable strategy based on some serious due diligence and quite a bit of homework before you head to the tracks or check greyhound racing results online. You can always check the dog’s statistics and history online, and with so many greyhound racing comparison and review sites you are well posed to succeed.

Dog racing results are published on all betting sites and you can also find a substantial number of articles with greyhound racing tips and greyhound results. You can also search for free greyhound betting books on search engines but make sure to read unbiased reviews.Greyhound betting 2

Greyhound racing cards reviews can be a great source of current information, so you get a better understanding of the whole business of greyhound racing and in general offer you the better value for money than shady books overloaded with exaggerated claims and marketing garbage.

Once you have found a reliable source of greyhound racing results you can start building your greyhound racing strategy.


Greyhound betting strategies

To perfect your greyhound betting strategy may take years and such significant investment in time is well worth if you need to build a profitable system of getting the most from each of your greyhound bet.

Experienced bettors say that in terms of return on investment greyhounds offer several advantages compared to betting on horses.

To begin with, there are only six dogs taking part in greyhound racing event, while there could be ten or more horses in their races, so if you apply your betting strategy, it simply takes a lot more time to gather all stats and verify all greyhound racing results today.

Greyhounds races also take longer, for example, British dog racing events start in the morning and finish in the evening. This gives bettors ample time to try their betting strategies.

There are many other key factors you should consider when developing a strategy for greyhound betting.

  • Greyhound fitness form. You can check fast greyhound racing results and vital statistics which are freely available on the internet, and you can get some really useful information from these sources. Always check greyhound racing results for the last five races, because this will give you enough history of the dog and its fast racing results.
  • The grade of the dog racing. Same as horse races, greyhound race always has a certain grade. When the dog moves up or down its grade, you should look for clues. Did the dog struggle in the previous dog racing event? Did it performance decline over the last few weeks? Sometimes the dog which appears to be the strongest could simply win because it was competing against weaker dogs.
  • The trap performance. You could check how the dog was winning and losing traps to see how fit and agile it is. If there is a pattern, then you should make certain adjustments to your betting strategy. You can check how the dog was handling traps at Betfair and other betting websites.

When you combine these and some other factors you can develop a very lucrative greyhound racing betting system.  But there are also key rules to remember:

  • Maintain a calm approach and aim for longer shots. According to statistics, more than 95 percent of greyhound racing bettors lose money long term. This could be happening because they relied on wrong facts or using wrong betting books but in any case a system that is based on wrong assumptions is guaranteed to bring losses.
  • Knowledge is essential, in greyhound racing as well as in all other types of betting. If you plan to make serious money on dogs, fully learn what’s out there about dog racing and always educate yourself. Visit the racing track often and stay informed about trade advancements, announcements, and learn the betting jargon so that you make use of every bit of information on fast dog results.
  • Set up a betting limit. Better yet, create a betting bank in your bank account and use only these money for betting on greyhound racing or any other sports events. Never bet more money that you are prepared to lose. Treat your betting bank like your investment bank and use only these money to fund your gambling endeavor. Divide the bank into 100 and you have your minimal Never bet your personal money taken from the current account. This helps you to keep record and do some basic bookkeeping. This sounds boring but this is the only way to make sure you get results from betting.
  • Discipline is key. You must have discipline to stick to your strategy and let go of emotions. If you did your due diligence and base your strategy on reliable dog racing results they allow your system to show its potential within 3 to 6 months, and then review and adjust to make it better. Never focus on your losses and bet just to recover what’s lost, or you are risking getting too emotional and losing more than you planned. Also don’t bet with emotions or for the sake of betting, just because everyone else is betting on that particular dog, instead, stay true to your strategy. If you constantly shift your focus you won’t get anywhere closer to success.
  • Losing emotions is also important. Maybe one day the dog you have bet on has lost, but it doesn’t mean it won’t win again. Avoid building any emotional ties with the dogs or their owners. Instead, focus on their fitness and read more greyhound tips to stay informed. A lot of information is available online and you can always check fresh dog racing results today.

These greyhound racing tips have helped a lot of bettors to make their betting strategy more lucrative. Greyhound racing can be a very enjoyable activity and a rewarding hobby if you are willing to follow some simple rules. Use these greyhound racing tips to make your greyhound racing honey more profitable.