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For golf betting numerous major golf championships taking place across the world are perfect place to start. While golf bets placed during major tournaments are going to be quite expensive, there is a generally much lower number of bettors on golf, so the average bettor should not worry about some massive cheating on the numbers.

Apart from well-known golf players there are many equally well-performing athletes who don’t make it to the media headlines and yet are great for golf betting. During major golf tournaments more than a hundred players can compete, offering you lots of choices. Chances are, you are only familiar with top five names, but that doesn’t mean you cannot place some really good bets and build a profitable gold betting strategy on names down the ranking list. There are usually plenty of good players of nearly the same level, and all of them are good to place clever bets.

Golf attracts a lot of professional golf betting experts. Most often, bets are placed on the outcome of the game and about the game outcome. Bets are most often placed during major golf events, such as Masters Championships. So if you want to try and predict the event winner, you should place a matchup golf betting. You may also bet on one group of players competing against another, and this is called group matchup golf betting. The main advantage of betting in advance is that your odds remain fixed and they cannot be altered by the bookmaking office. Generally, in golf betting odds are determined by the quality and ranking of players and their probability to win.

Golf is a wonderful sport to enjoy the nature and due to its rather slow pace it allows to reliable collect a lot of information about championships and tournaments. Collecting golf betting intelligence can be very rewarding because it allows you to place knowledgeable, clever bets based on data and facts rather some shady tips from a booker. Here in this article you will get tips and advice how to evolve your golfing expertise to solid earnings. There are many types of golf betting strategies and we are going to explore most of them.

With golf betting tips you can certainly build a profitable golf betting strategy for most types of golf competitions. For some people betting is nothing more than praying for luck as you pick a name in the list and put your money on it. Successful golf betting is more than guessing. With luck you cannot achieve sustainable success. Of course, there’s a certain amount of luck in successful betting on gold but of course it takes discipline, research, intellect and calm emotions to profit from betting on any sport.

Making strong bets is certainly a lot easier for an experienced PGA fan with years of following the golf tournaments under his belt, probably has watched a few tournaments live, has a good understanding and best of all own experience playing golf, and who is always on watch out for good quality gold tips. For those of us who have less experience and who have only played mini golf with kids, online betting platforms with tons of useful information come handy. There you can check players’ rankings, learn about golfing strategies, and this will help you to decide on whom and how much to bet. Here are some basics of golf betting to grasp.

Gold Betting Options

Golf Betting tipsMaybe you already tried to take part in golf betting in the past and maybe you were put off with so many mysterious terms and jargon. Actually, there are only few various options for placing golf bets. So don’t fret, you can perfectly make sense of them without using the help of a booker. Let’s take a look at some of the most common golf betting options we can use today:

Three balls golf betting: this is a good betting option which is common on many online betting platforms. Here you have to guess the right sequence of players winning the game. Each of these players will have his or her winning odds in each particular tournament. You have to do a bit of research to find the player you want to back and then to decide which odds work best in your favor.

Tournament match bets: This is a simplified version of three-ball betting. If you choose this option, be prepared to compile matches between any three players in the tournament. This betting option sets up ‘virtual’ matches between any two players in a tournament. You can either bet on who wins the tournament or on a draw. Again, each player has his or her own game statistics, and therefore their own odds to win. All you have to do is to pick a golf player who you think would be a winner, place a bet and just wait for the game to unfold.

Betting on the winner: this is probably the simplest golf betting option and it’s perfect for a complete newbie. All you have to do is to pick a winner and place your bet. The best part of this strategy is that you can place bets several months before the tournament and your odds to win may eventually be quite high.

You can also combine your strategy with “each way” golf betting option. This doubles your bet and winnings, if any. The beauty of this is that you get paid even if your chosen player doesn’t make into the winning place but the player still manages to place.
These three types of golf betting are great for starters, and of course you will find allot more betting types and combinations on bookmaking sites and platforms. Within a few months of starting watching tournaments closely you will develop a great eye for details of each player and this whit add additional knowledge for you to place clever bets on golfing.

Golf Betting Strategy

Golf betting strategiesChoosing the favorite golf player to bet on may seem a lot easier than choosing a horse or a greyhound, but golf betting has its own culprits. If you know the game and the players well enough you can greatly improve your chances of winning. For those who are new to golf betting, successful betting begins with learning the rules of golf, collecting players statistics, and reading a lot of golf betting tips. All of the above plus more tips below will help diminish your chances of losing money.

Learn golf player statistics. Performance of golf players is recorded in the numbers of victories during tournaments, and the player doesn’t have to be the top winner in order to improve their rankings. Gold player ratings take into account all performance of the player and can be used to gauge competitive advantages of the player before you place your bets. Player statistics should be your main source of information on the player when you are deciding whom to bet on and increase your chances of success in your next attempt to bet on gold game outcome.

Before betting choose the most consistent players of the season, not necessarily winners, and compare them to the top performing players on the last six events and overall best performing star athletes in the world. Doing so will allow you to weed out occasionally performing players and focus only on those who perform well from tournament to tournament. Cool-headed comparison and reviewing system will improve your chances for success.

You can use many types of golfing information to include in your research. You can use recent golfing scores, ranking of gold tournaments, performance of players, their rankings, even weather affecting the game — there can be significant differences in players performance on the same field but when the weather is windy or sunny. Also, the rain can affect the probability of handicaps, the average score and many more variables that affect the outcome of a golf betting.

Many golf betting websites offer convenient tools to assists with golfer statistics and tracking their performance. This is probably easiest but most important part of your research into players before betting.

Golf betting does not have any significant differences from online betting on any other sport. First, you need to build your betting strategy based on due diligence research that covers players’ statistics, tournament reviews, and odds review. The typical strategy of bookmakers is to place simple one to two odds during the tournament, but if you have done your research, you can easily figure out which other player except the clear favorite has chances to win this particular event.

You may find eventually that betting on middle-level players in the ranking table is a lot more profitable in case they win and the winnings can cover some of your losses because the odds of these players to win are bigger and some players can even win with odds that exceed 20 to 1 or more. The key is to do your research and keep your eye on consistent players, even if they are somewhere in the middle of the ranking table.

It also makes sense to watch players that play well at this particular event. Some players in golf and tennis tend to play better on one type of location and underperform at another. They may not be winning a lot overall but they can consistently win on this particular type of event, possibly due to climate or some other personal preferences. Again, in golf betting this strategy can yield good results.

Don’t let the money be your ultimate judging criteria. Sometimes you are carried away with desire to compensate for the losses and make reckless bets but don’t Always keep your head cool and make proper analysis before you risk your own money. Of course all types of betting, including golf, require a certain amount of luck, and at some periods you simply feel that you are entering a losing spree. Don’t try to beat it. Instead, diversify your bets and place you odds on a spread of winners instead of one. This is a popular golf betting strategy for periods when you feel out of luck but there’s a major tournament and you feel you must play.

Just don’t be overly confident or too enthusiastic. Emotions are not going to help in golf betting. Instead, use your analytical skills, turn on your inner detective and scour the tournament table for possible winners. And if all fails toss your odds and spread your bets sporadically — this may at least confuse your fellow bettors but you should stick to your strategy nonetheless.

Don’t feel obliged to bet only at local tournaments. Thanks to online betting platforms your can place your bets at events located all over the world, as there are at least 10 golf events happening every week. You should not let the event prize money be your guide in determining if this is a good event to bid. Most tournaments have from a hundred to 150 players participating and only a limited amount of prize money, so competition is high for them, not for you.

After you have found the most consistent players, you should look at their fitness levels. Golfing websites offer a lot of player and tournament details, so you can use these free resources to adjust your bidding strategy accordingly. If a player that you feel strongly about has been underperforming lately or took a break from the game skipping several tournaments then you should also take a break and watch him or her to return to their fullest capacity before you gamble your money on them during golf betting. Only golf players who are playing in their top form and are playing regularly and consistently should be on your betting list.

For the last touch look at the player’s history on this particular event. Does he or she do well on this field and under these weather condition? Answering these questions should shorten your list of players to bet on even more. And for best results always have a backup list in case bookmakers also consider your preferred players promising and offer high odds on them.

Once you have polished your golf betting strategy and selected the player you feel most confident about, take a look at the most reliable golf betting websites and see where you can find best offers and bonuses. Make use of well-known betting comparison services where you can instantly see which site offers you the best value for your golfing betting efforts.