2018 FIFA World Cup Betting: Getting Ready to Place Your Stakes

2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaThis year, the whole word enjoys the most spectacular and exciting football tournament – 2018 FIFA World Cup. The competition promises to be even more entertaining and challenging, as the national teams are becoming more and more experienced, strong, and adventurous. It is the 21st World Cup football contest, aimed at the men’s national teams from all over the Globe. Traditionally, there was a challenging qualification round, when sportsmen met in a number of play-offs in order to find out who is strong enough to take part in this sporting event.

The competition is held in Russia. The country was selected in the course of voting procedures in December 2010. There are 12 stadiums located in the European part of the country that host FIFA World Cup matches. The games started on June 14th and the final match is scheduled at July 15th. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the schedule, core participants, and interesting details of this world’s greatest tournament. And, more significantly, we’ll tell you how to succeed if you plan betting World Cup. Useful pieces of advice, professionals’ predictions, and interesting highlights – here you’ll find all that you may need for profitable bets and really big wins.

Everything about World Cup Start Date and the Schedule of Games

As we have already mentioned, the tournament is planned to take place on June 14th – July 15th. The host country is the Russian Federation, with the greatest stadiums situated in Moscow, Sochi, Saint Petersburg, Kazan, Saransk, Yekaterinburg, and other cities. The Organizing Committee selected the locations for FIFA 18 World Cup in the European part of the country, so that the sportsmen and fans had less troubles travelling from the venue to venue. The list of the greatest stadiums that will host the matches includes Luzhniki Stadium, Spartak Stadium, Fisht Stadium, Kazan Arena, Nizhny Novgorod Stadium, and so on. Most of them were carefully renovated before the championship, and some were newly constructed.

Football games World Cup will be conducted in compliance with the following schedule. World Cup 2018 ScheduleYou can find it on the official website of the tournament, as well as in other sources. After the Opening Ceremony that took place on June 14th, we can enjoy challenging and unpredictable fights between the contestants. According to FIFA World Cup timetable, every day we’ll enjoy three exciting games held at different stadiums. Such a scheme makes the tournament dynamic and challenging, both for the players and spectators. It’s also worth mentioning that the matches will be broadcast throughout the world, so that every sports fan could watch the way his favorite national team is competing for the title of the best football player. Thus, World Cup final 2018 promises to become one of the year’s most spectacular sporting events worldwide, anticipated by millions of sports fans and punters.

Talking of the final match of this contest, we can’t but underline that people from all over the Globe are trying to guess the FIFA World Cup winners. Placing their bets, they analyze the results of the previous years’ competitions, latest achievements of different teams, as well as the behavior of certain players. All these facts influence the outcome of the global contest and we can’t but emphasize them in our article.

A Couple of Words about 2018 World Cup Teams

As we have already mentioned, the competition is aimed at the national clubs of different countries. The major qualifying draw was conducted in summer 2015, when the Organizing Committee selected the countries that will take part in next World Cup. The list of players has not seriously changed since the previous tournament, as Gibraltar and Kosovo joined FIFA later, in 2016, and thus couldn’t participate in the qualifying draw. A number of influential players were not included into the contest. As distinguished from women’s football World Cup, in this tournament we won’t see the USA, Italy, Netherlands, Chile, Cameroon, and a number of other national teams due to the decision of the Organizing Committee. Naturally, this is a temporary arrangement. Most likely, we’ll see these players at the next football World Cup already, so there is no point in feeling sorry for them.

All in all, this year’s FIFA World Cup highlights will be divided among 32 nations that were qualified to take part in the tournament. 20 of them participated in the contest’s previous edition in 2014, while the rest can be called newcomers. For example, it’s the first time when there are three Nordic countries playing in this competition. The same can be said about Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and Tunisia – the four Arab nations qualified for World Cup Russia all at the same time.

It’s interesting to note that the Organizing Committee grouped the national teams under the continental confederations they belong to. For instance, Australia, Iran, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea are allocated to AFC, while Costa Rica, Mexico, and Panama are competing under CONCACAF. The list of Russia World Cup teams from UEFA includes Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Portugal, and so on.  There are five nations from the African section and the same number of teams from the South American section. Thus, the competitors are really strong, experienced, and, more importantly, dedicated to winning. And the tournament promises to be really exciting.

All That You Need to Know about Betting World Cup

When it comes to stakes, people do their best to guess, who will gain the upper hand in each of the Groups. We have some interesting pieces of advice from experts on this subject:

Group A. Here, the evident favorite is Uruguay. Most specialists agree that this nation has a greater chance of joining the list of football World Cup winners.

Group B. In this set of teams, most of stakes are placed on Spain. Really, this is a very strong contestant that has already won this contest.

Group C. Experts advice to bet on France. As distinguished from other FIFA World Cup squads, it has a number of very promising players, such as Hugo Lloris, Benjamin Pavard, and Steve Mandanda. So, the team has a pretty good chance to become a new champ.

Group D. Here, all bet World Cup tips are centered on Argentina. Led by Lionel Messi, this national team took part in the final match in 2014, but lost to Germany 1–0.

Group E. Here, the top player is Germany. With four impressive World Cup final victories, this national squad seems to be really ready for a new triumph.

Group G. If you are going to place your bets in this set of players, pay special attention to England. Actually, there is also a very strong team from Belgium, but most experts agree that the UK is still a bit more powerful and experienced.

Group H. The last but not least group has Colombia, and this national club seems to be the most popular among punters. And we do agree that this team has a pretty good chance to outplay its rivals.

As for the general betting World Cup tips, they sound as follows:

  • When it comes to key match wagers, most experts agree that the evident favorites of this year’s tournament are the teams from Brazil and Germany. The former is the defending champion; this is why it’s considered one of the most promising players. Besides, the team has the strongest squads in the competition, with the world-known attackers Muller and Ozil.
  • Some big betting websites begin the list of World Cup winners with Brazil, not Germany. They are really sure that this nation will be the best this year, relying, first of all, on Neymar. Being the world’s most expensive football player, he seems to be ready to lead the whole team to the final game and even further.
  • England is the third nation to consider when you bet on World Cup. This team has already won the competition in 1966 and was the fourth in 1990. In 1996 English national club reached semi-finals, which is also a very impressive result.
  • Colombia, one more promising player, will appear at the World Cup football tournament for the second time in its history. The team has been out of the competition for 16 years, and now it seems to be perfectly ready for an extremely tense fight. The nation is led by James Rodriguez, a talented midfield player with over 10 years of experience.
  • Belgium is also very good for goals. This national team scored 43 goals in 10 World Cup playoffs showing in such a way that its players are ready for a really heavy fight for the title of the world’s best football player.
  • Some specialists offer bettors to pay special attention to Polish sportsmen. The star of the team is Robert Lewandowski – this striker scored 16 goals during the qualification games and he’ll hardly stop in the course of the major matches.
  • Egypt, with its talented forward Mohamed Salah, seems to be absolutely ready for a tense fight against the hosts of 2018 World Cup. This national team is a very stubborn player and some experts note that it’s a good idea to place your bets on it.

World Cup Odds and Predictions

World Cup TrophyHere are some odds offered by the most influential bookmakers from all over the world:

  • Brazil – from 4 to 17/4;
  • Spain – from 9/2 to 13/2;
  • France – from 13/2 to 8;
  • Belgium – from 15/2 to 9;
  • Germany – from 5 to 17/2;
  • Argentina – from 10 to 12;
  • Portugal – from 16 to 22;
  • Uruguay – from 20 to 28;
  • Colombia – from 33 to 45;
  • Russia – from 33 to 66, and so on.

Hope, these odds will help you succeed with your bet World Cup and win big. Naturally, it’ll be difficult for you to make a correct choice without considering the experience and opportunities of each player. You may have to spend quite a lot of time reading reviews of different national clubs, their history and the list of victories. But it’s really worth doing.

One more thing you should do before placing your bet on World Cup is to get acquainted with our predictions. We’ve selected the tips of most experienced football experts, so that you could rely on them and succeed with your stakes. Here are some predictions for certain matches of the competition:

Portugal – Morocco. Portuguese players impressed their numerous fan with an impressive comeback to hold Spain, this is why we sincerely hope that they’ll get to the top of Group B. Morocco, in its turn, showed a sloppy start during the World Cup play off dates, this is why most experts agree that it won’t be able to gain the upper hand.

Uruguay – Saudi Arabia. The former team showed itself as an unsure player in its first match against Egypt. The passes of Uruguayan footballers were not impressive, and, what is even more disappointing, Luis Suarez seemed to be not in a good form. Therefore, in match Uruguay vs. Saudi Arabia, which is scheduled in World Cup 2018 fixtures at June 20th, the former has little chance to win.

Denmark – Australia. The national club from Denmark finished their opening group game against Peru with quite a promising score of three points. Now the players continue their excellent, trying their best not to miss even a single goat to their gates. Judging by the previous World Cup results, we can say with confidence that Denmark will outplay Australian footballers.

France – Peru. The former team wasn’t really impressive during the opening matches, when it met with Australia. Nevertheless, specialists do believe that the club will collect all forces and show better performance it is further games. As for Peru, it didn’t win any of its last 7 matches according to FIFA World Cup facts, this is why we expect French players to triumph in this fight.

Nigeria – Iceland. The latter showed a real fairy-tale in the Euro 2016. And this was, by the way, the team’s first ever major competition. So we can say with confidence that the footballers from this country will become the strongest rivals for Nigerian players. As for the Africans, they can boast only one win in 13 matches, according to the World Cup tables. Therefore, we don’t advise to place your stake on Nigeria.

Here are some predictions concerning the forthcoming games. Naturally, we can’t say that all these forecasts will prove true, but they surely are on solid ground and this may become the basis for your successful wagers. In any case, if you are going to bet World Cup, it’s high time to select your favorite and the bookie. The latter, by the way, offer a wide range of attractive opportunities for those who like sports and gambling. Later, in August, you’ll also enjoy women’s World Cup, which promises to be no less challenging and exciting.

This is all that we wanted to tell you about this tournament. Naturally, we could have written more about the players and the matches, but the fact is that it’s impossible to mention all the details of this enormous sporting event. It’s much better not to lose time and place your bet on World Cup right now. The sooner you begin, the sooner you win, don’t you?