Bethubb’s Guide to 2018 World Cup Groups

World cup groups 20182018 World Cup Groups

The whole world is braced for the World Cup 2018 — the most expected and exciting sports event in the football calendar. All qualified teams have long known their opponents in the World Cup groups as well as cities hosting their matches. In this review, we’d like to remind you results of the World Cup 2018 draw for the group stage and present all World Cup qualifiers fixtures.

In addition, in our World Cup preview, you can find betting tips and predictions for each of World Cup 2018 groups.

2018 World Cup Fixtures and Previews

Exploring the FIFA World Cup 2018 schedule is now becoming the popular trend in Google as the opening date of the tournament is just around the corner. This guide covers all info concerning dates of matches that will take place during the group stage. Therefore, if your search query is something similar to “World Cup fixtures”, you’ve come to the right place.

So, let’s have a look at the FIFA World Cup 2018 schedule set up for the group round.

Group A

Russia Saudi Arabia Egypt Uruguay
In Group A, in the opening match, Russia will go head to head with Saudi Arabia in Moscow. In the other match of the first round, Uruguay will compete with the national team of Egypt.

Russia and Uruguay, the strongest World Cup teams in this group, will challenge each other’s strength in the last-tour match on Monday 25, June at the Samara Arena.

When thinking about results of World Cup 2018 tables, most experts agree on the view, that Russians and Uruguayans will occupy two first positions and advance to the Round of 16.

  • 14/06 Russia – Saudi Arabia
  • 15/06 Egypt – Uruguay
  • 19/06 Russia – Egypt
  • 20/06 Uruguay – Saudi Arabia
  • 25/06 Uruguay – Russia
  • 25/06 Saudi Arabia – Egypt

Group B

Portugal Spain Morocco Iran
The most thrilling encounter in Group B World Cup schedule will happen in the first round of the group stage when the national team of Spain will test Portuguese led by Cristiano Ronaldo.

At first glance, Group B seems to be one of the most predictable World Cup groups, however, both Morocco and Iran are World Cup 2018 qualified teams that are able to surprise their more eminent opponents.

  • 15/06 Morocco – Iran
  • 15/06 Portugal – Spain
  • 20/06 Portugal – Morocco
  • 20/06 Iran – Spain
  • 25/06 Spain – Morocco
  • 25/06 Iran – Portugal

Group C

France Australia Peru Denmark
As a result of the World Cup draw, Group С boasts one of the strongest World Cup 2018 teams — the national team of France. In the first match, Pogba, Griezmann and Co will play against Australians. The last round of the group stage will give us an amazing encounter between the Tri-colours and Denmark.

France are the much-fancied team in this quartet. Besides, bookmakers think that Didier Deschamps’s side is one of those World Cup 2018 teams pretending to lift the cup. The main battle in Group C will unfold for the second position. Danes look more competitive than Australians and Peruvians, therefore, they will likely be the second successful team that will qualify for the next round.

  • 16/06 France – Australia
  • 16/06 Peru – Denmark
  • 21/06 Denmark – Australia
  • 21/06 France – Peru
  • 26/06 Australia – Peru
  • 26/06 Denmark – France

Group D

Argentina Iceland Croatia Nigeria
When it comes to forecasting the results in the World Cup 2018 tables after the group stage, Group D probably looks the toughest among them. Argentina are the clear favourite, however, Albiseleste’s game leaves a number of questions unanswered. In addition, the other three rivals, Croatia, Nigeria, and Iceland are approximately equal in their abilities.

In the first round, Lionel Messi and Co will test ambitious Icelanders, while the national football team of Nigeria will face Croatia.

  • 16/06 Argentina – Iceland
  • 16/06 Croatia – Nigeria
  • 21/06 Argentina – Croatia
  • 22/06 Nigeria – Iceland
  • 26/06 Nigeria – Argentina
  • 26/06 Iceland – Croatia

Group E

Brazil Switzerland Costa Rica Serbia
The national team of Brazil was drawn in one of the easiest World Cup qualifiers groups — Group E. Estimating results of the World Cup group tables is not difficult for this group as only a miracle can prevent Brazilians from taking the first place.

In the first round, the South-American side will compete with football players from Switzerland, while Costa Rica will play with Serbia. The last round of the group stage looks the easiest for Penta Campeones since Tite’s men will test the obvious outsider — the national team of Serbia.

  • 17/06 Costa Rica – Serbia
  • 17/06 Brazil – Switzerland
  • 22/06 Brazil – Costa Rica
  • 22/06 Serbia – Switzerland
  • 27/06 Serbia – Brazil
  • 27/06 Switzerland – Costa Rica

Group F

Germany Mexico Sweden South Korea
Joachim Low’s team was drawn in Group А with Mexico, Sweden and South Korea. Without a doubt, Germans have all abilities to occupy the first position in the table. It’s intriguing who will turn out to be the second as Sweden and Mexico both aspire to qualify for the next round.

The most challenging test for Germany will take place in the first round, as Kimmich, Sane and Co will compete with the national team of Mexico. In the other clash, Sweden will contend with South Korea.

  • 17/06 Germany – Mexico
  • 18/06 Sweden – Korea Republic
  • 23/06 Korea Republic – Mexico
  • 23/06 Germany – Sweden
  • 27/06 Korea Republic – Germany
  • 27/06 Mexico – Sweden

Group G

Belgium Panama Tunisia England
Group G without a doubt belongs to the most intriguing World Cup 2018 groups. A huge number of football fans expect a lot from the Three Lions who haven’t achieved significant success during their last campaigns. The main intrigue in the group is who are going to occupy the first position, Belgians with Kevin De Bruyne or British led by Harry Kane.

Two favourites will fight against each other in the last round of the group stage. That’s when we will know who will become the strongest team among four competitors.

  • 18/06 Belgium – Panama
  • 18/06 Tunisia – England
  • 23/06 Belgium – Tunisia
  • 24/06 England – Panama
  • 28/06 Panama – Tunisia
  • 28/06 England – Belgium

Group H

Poland Senegal Colombia Japan
Group H is definitely one of the most unpredictable World Cup 2018 groups. As many as four teams at a time have equal chances to be the leaders. Taking into account that Robert Lewandowski plays for Poland, the European side has a slight advantage, however, the other teams also have their own strengths.

In the first round, Colombia will examine Japanese with Shinji Kagawa while Poland will face Senegal with Sadio Mane.

  • 19/06 Colombia – Japan
  • 19/06 Poland – Senegal
  • 24/06 Japan – Senegal
  • 24/06 Poland – Colombia
  • 28/06 Japan – Poland
  • 28/06 Senegal – Colombia

Now, you know the FIFA World Cup schedule, groups, as well as the balance of power within groups. So, it’s time to delve into World Cup 2018 betting and get the most powerful emotions from the best football tournament in the world!