2018 World Cup Locations: Cities and Stadiums, World Cup 2018 Dates

2018 Football CupWorld Cup 2018 Dates, Cities and Stadiums

If you’re searching for the answer to the question “where is the World Cup 2018”, you want to know that all matches of the tournament will take place at 12 stadiums in 11 cities: Moscow, Kaliningrad, St.Petersburg, Volgograd, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Saransk, Rostov-on-Don, Sochi, and Yekaterinburg. During the group stage, none of the teams will play twice at one stadium, and as many as eight seeded teams will at least once compete with their opponents in Moscow, the capital of Russia. Besides, each of the 12 World Cup 2018 stadiums will host four sports events of the group stage. It is more than likely, that you’ve already known the World Cup 2018 dates — the tournament will be held from 14 June to 15 July.

World Cup 2018 Venues

1. Luzhniki Stadium.

Moscow. Capacity: 80.000 seats

With a capacity of more than 80.000, the Luzhniki Stadium is considered to be the main football stadium in Russia. This arena was selected to host the match-opening between the national football teams of Russia and Saudi Arabia as well as three encounters in Groups F, B, and C. Besides, one of semi-finals and the World Cup 2018 final will also be held at the Luzhniki, so, the special atmosphere around the venue has been already created.

2. Spartak Stadium.

Moscow. Capacity: 45.360 seats

The Spartak Stadium is the home arena of the same-name football club from the capital of Russia. The stadium, also known as Otkritie Arena, was chosen as one of the venues for the Confederations Cup that took place in 2017. Modern technologies, as well as the favourable location near the Tushino subway station, will definitely make the difference for every football fan who bought tickets to World Cup 2018 matches. The Spartak Stadium will host four first-round matches in Groups D, H, G, E and one match of Round of 16.

3. Saint Petersburg Stadium

Saint Petersburg. Capacity: 67.000 seats

Designed by Japanese company Kisho Kurokawa, this magnificent architectural structure looks like an interplanetary vehicle. The Saint Petersburg stadium is FC Zenit’s arena, the Russian side plays both matches of the domestic championship and European encounters on the pitch of this venue. It’s also worth mentioning that the stadium belongs to the most expensive sports arenas, costs for its building exceeded $1 billion. Apart from group stage matches, the Saint Petersburg Stadium is the World Cup 2018 location for a quarter-final, a semi-final, and the match for third place.

World Cup Cities Map 20184. Fisht Olympic Stadium

Sochi. Capacity: 47.659 seats

As you might know, Fisht Olympic Stadium was the main venue during 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games. This stadium boasts original design as well as the convenient location, it is situated only 12 km from the airport, right on the shore of the Black Sea.

Sochi will host FIFA World Cup 2018 matches in groups B, G, F, С and two encounters of the knockout stage — one match of Round of 16 and one World Cup quarter-final. It is also worth mentioning that the stadium will be the battlefield for two superpowers — Spain and Portugal. As a result of the World Cup 2018 draw, these teams turned out to be the strongest competitors in Group B. Without a doubt, it will be one of the most thrilling matches of the upcoming tournament.

5. Ekaterinburg Arena

Ekaterinburg. Capacity: 45.000 seats

Boasting a capacity of 45.000 seats, the Ekaterinburg Arena defended its rights to host FIFA World Cup 2018 matches. The stadium was reconstructed specifically for the greatest football tournament, and now it complies with all FIFA requirements.

Like all other stadiums, the Ekaterinburg Arena was chosen to be the venue for 4 group-stage matches. Let’s take a look at the World Cup 2018 dates for games that will be played on this stadium. On Friday, 15 June, Egyptians with Mo Salah will go head to head with powerful Uruguayans. On Thursday, 21 June, France led by Griezmann, Pogba and Co will test Peruvians. Sunday, 24 June is a special day for football fans from Japan and Senegal since the Ekaterinburg Arena will host the clash between their teams. And the last FIFA World Cup battle on this arena will take place on Wednesday 27 June, when Mexicans will compete with Swedes.

6. Kazan Arena

Kazan. Capacity: 45.000 seats

The new FC Rubin’s stadium was opened in 2013 and the same year hosted 2013 Summer Universiade. The Kazan Arena looks stunning and modern, it will definitely create a special atmosphere for all football World Cup visitors. Apart from four first-round matches, the stadium will be the playing venue for one Round-of-16 game and one quarter-final.

7. Nizhny Novgorod Stadium

Nizhny Novgorod. Capacity: 44.899 seats

Nizhny Novgorod stadium was opened this year, the project was created specifically for World Cup 2018. Design of the football arena has been developed to harmonize with the natural beauty of Volga surroundings. The stadium features a semi-transparent frontispiece which can be additionally lit up during night hours.

Apart from four group-stage matches, Nizhny Novgorod Stadium will give fans a chance to witness one match of Round of 16 and one quarter-final. Let’s take a peek at the World Cup 2018 schedule for first-round encounters that will be held in this city. On Monday, 18 June, Sweden will face South Korea. On Thursday, 21 June, the stadium will host an exciting battle between Argentina with Lionel Messi and Croatia. Sunday, 24 June is one of the most important World Cup dates for English fans as on that day the Three Lions will examine the World Cup debutant Panama. And the last match of the group stage on this arena will be played on Wednesday, 27 June, when Switzerland will compete with Costa-Rica.

World Cup Stadiums 20188. Rostov Arena

Rostov-on-Don. Capacity: 45.000 seats

The new FC Rostov’s Arena also obtained the right to host FIFA World Cup 2018 matches. The football stadium was opened only in April 2018, so, all visitors will have a chance to get most of all advantages of the cutting-edge and innovative technical solutions.

Turning to matches that will be played in Rostov-on-Don, World Cup draw results provided spectators with an opportunity to be witnesses of next clashes: Brazil – Switzerland, Uruguay – Saudi Arabia, South Korea – Mexico, Iceland – Croatia. Besides, the Rostov Arena will be a playing venue for one World Cup 2018 match of Round of 16.

9. Mordovia Arena

Saransk. Capacity 45.000 seats

The gorgeous Mordovia Arena is one more recently built football stadium that will welcome the best World Cup 2018 teams competing for the most prestigious football trophy in the world. The stadium looks stunning and resembles a red sun displayed on the Republic of Mordovia’s flag.

Four matches in Groups B, C, G, and H will be held at the Mordovia Stadium. Wednesday, 25 June is one of the most important World Cup 2018 dates for Portuguese and Iranian football fans as their national teams will test each other’s strength at this remarkable stadium.

10. Samara Arena

Samara. Capacity: 45.000 seats

The Samara Arena, also known as Cosmos Arena, is Krylia Sovetov’s home stadium which was opened in 2018. With a capacity of 45.000, the stadium was picked to be one of the venues of FIFA World Cup 2018. The distinctive feature of the structure is its roof which was designed in the form of a cupola. The Samara arena will be the battleground for 4 first-round games, one Round-of-16 match and one quarter-final.

11. Volgograd Arena

Volgograd. Capacity: 45.000

The Volgograd Arena is new Rotor’s home which was built on the place of the old stadium. The arena boasts a favourable location, it is situated right on the bank of the Volga river. The stadium will host four matches of the first round, and the most remarkable one is the tie between England and Tunisia. In the last football World Cup game on the pitch of this venue, Japan will compete with Poland.

12. Kaliningrad Stadium

Kaliningrad. Capacity: 35.000 seats

Kaliningrad Stadium is the last football arena that will serve as a playing venue during the World Cup 2018. The construction of the stadium was finished this year, now it is the FC Baltica’s stadium. During the upcoming tournament, football fans will have a chance to witness matches between Croatia and Nigeria, Serbia and Switzerland, Spain and Morocco. The last game at the Kaliningrad Stadium is the most expected encounter as the national team of England will face Belgium.

In our blog article, we listed all cities and stadiums that will host the World Cup 2018 matches. In addition, if you are searching for the answer to the question “when is the World Cup”, you can find all fixtures in our World Cup guide.