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Betfred Introduction

If you need a short description for the Betfred, it would be a very easy task in case of this company. This description could be „long history“ for sure. Founded by Done brothers, this betting company is running more than 50 years. Original company label was following brothers names and it was renamed to Betfred in 2004. This was a crucial year for the company. They rename and also started online platform.  Nowadays, they are operating under UK and Gibraltar gaming license in the online gambling world and operates more than 1650 betting shops over the United Kingdom. Betfred UK headquarters are in Birchwood, Warrington.

Bonuses and promotions

This bookmaker is focused on most popular sports in the United Kingdom. Most of their promotions are focused on these sports as well. So when you´re betting on football, horse racing or rugby, you will be delighted by a wide range of Betfred offers.

First bonus you get from the company is Betfred sign up offer.  When you bet 10£ or more on your first bet via Betfred online platform with odds 2 or higher, you get 30£. You don´t get money from this Betfred sign up offer as a cash but as a free bet. Betfred free bet works as a credit. You get it, you can bet on it and when you win, you win cash.

This offer applies to any bet, no matter what sport you choose and you don´t need to input any Betfred promotion code to get access to this offer. When you wanna more promotions, BetFred football bonuses are very interesting.

Betfred Football Promotions

Double delight and hat-trick heaven

If you like to bet on football goal scorers, these Betfred offers are just for you. If your favorite striker score one, you win. No big deal. But if you´re lucky enough, your guy has a good day and hunt for more goals, things could be really interesting. When he hits one more, company double winning odds. And when you´re guy has a big day and score a hat-trick, you win big with him. Your winning odds get treble and your profit hits the skies.

Acca Insurance

This bonus works as an insurance for you accu tickets. When you construct ticket with 5 and more bets and you lose one, bookmaker refunds your stake up to 10£ as a free bet. So you can shot for a nice, winning accu and when you are unlucky and lost one of your bets, you get your money back. Well, be close to a big victory and then just get a refund is not something to celebrate. But the pain of losing is much lesser with your stake back in the pocket.

Horse racing and rugby promotions

Rugby gameAnother featured sports has a nice promotion offers as well. Most interesting BetFred horse racing are „2nd to SP Fav“, „One Winner Bonuses“ and „All correct bonuses“. E.x. 2d to SP Fav works as an insurance again. When your horse not wins but finished second behind SP favorite, you get your stake (up to 10 £) back. Similar to football Accu insurance. Nothing fancy, but if you´re just unlucky in the right way, you can get your money back.

Promotions for Rugby works same ways as a football offers. So for example with Double delight, you can get more money when you favorite player scores more.

Look and feeling of the Betfred online platform

When you register and go through Betfred login process, you get access to the online platform. I can describe it as a just standard online platform in today gambling industry. Nothing fancy, but the site is easy to use. The offer of sports and matches is pretty wide, but, once again, focused on football and horses. E.x. quick links on the left side can take you to some featured sports events, horse racing is on the top.

Maybe there could be fewer pictures, offers, promotions etc. The site looks like designers want you to take all promotions and offers at once, bet on everything, watch Betfred results of actual events and see all cool things that company prepare for you as a customer.  When you wanna compare Betfred football odds or track Betfred horse racing results,  this blue and pink colors everywhere can disrupt you.

Managing your Account

You can manage your account in several ways. You can use bank transfer, some big and popular eWallets and debit and credit cards. Every option has little bit different conditions, pro, and cons, so let´s take a look at some of them.

Credit/debit card

This is probably the best way to manage your Betfred account when you don´t wanna use eWallet. It´s fast and minimum transaction amount is very low (5£). When you deposit, you should have access to your money few seconds after the transaction.

Neteller, Skrill Moneybookers, and Paypal

These popular eWallets are connected with BetFred app and you can use them to manage your account in very easy, quick and secure way. Minimum transfer amount is similar– 5£– and if you use it once a day, there is no transaction fee. If you wanna use eWallets more times a day, you have to pay 2,9% transaction fee.

When you use eWallets the first time, you need to connect it to your account. It´s very simple. You just ender you Netteller/SkrilPaypalll account details (name, account ID and email address). This is a one-time procedure, so you don´t need to repeat it before every transaction. Transactions via Skrill are even easier. There is a feature called „1-Tap“ deposit and you can use it for super easy and fast deposit and withdraws.

Bank Transfer

This is probably worst option to get your money in or out of your account. It´s very slow and you have to contact your bank and customer support as well. We can recommend this option only if there is no other way.

Other options

You can also use Paysafecard (minimum deposit 5 P)and Betfred UK bookmaker stores. These methods can be used only for deposit and are not so comfortable with using online methods. But if you don´t have access to internet banking or eWallets, this is the way how to start bet with this bookmaker.

Customer Support

Attractive Customer Service AgentYou can contact customer support in several ways – email, phone and online via live help. Betfred live chat is available 24/7 and should help you without any delay. During our testing, there was no issue with customer support. The reaction was prompt and all questions were answered without any delay. But to keep this review honest, we have to write about the negative experience of some customers.

When we go through sites with customer reviews like, there were many unsatisfied customers. Their main issue was customer support. Lack of speed and problems with solving issues of the players are main reasons for bad reviews.

You can take all reviews seriously (when somebody is unlucky and just write down about the bad betting site, it´s no an ideal review and you should leave it behind). So if there are only reviews like this, it´s no big deal. Other companies in business can also hire people to write negative comments and reviews to make their competitors look far worst. But there is a lot of negative comments and reviews and BetFred should be dealing with it, at least my reply to them and try to solve it.

Anyway, this betting company is running under Giblartar and UK gaming license, so if there are some problems with them, you can rely on UK officials to deal with it.

The offer of betting products and special bets

Company was founded as a betting bookmaker, but just like many big companies on the market, they are offering much more games these days. So after successful Betfred login, you can lay your prematch bets and live bets, play online poker, casino games, bingo, lotto and bet on virtual sports.

To provide extra value for customers, they are offering some special bets on supported sports events. E.x. for football fans, company is preparing special bets for BetFred Cup (Scottish League Cup sponsored by the company). To support English rugby, they are also getting money to one of lower English Rugby League (called Betfred supper league) and is making special bets for fans.

Live betting

Live betting is a „must“ for every online betting platform these days. This online platform is offering some extra value for live bettors. Amount of live stream is pretty high (daily average is about 50 streams) and you can find streams from all main Betfred sports (football, horse racing, tennis, basketball,…) and some smaller Betfred sports as well (baseball, handball, Aussie Rules Football) among them.

When there is no only stream for a match, easy graphics and charts are used to bring info about match events to the players.  Site brings the biggest value for players who like to bet live on smaller (or not so popular in Europe) sports.

When you wanna bet on football, Betfred football odds are average and site brings no extra value. But when you´re e.x. fan of snooker and you like to bet live on this sport, you can bet many different events, e.x. on correct score, the total number of frames or centuries. Not many betting sites brings players options like this,

Also Betfred horse racing results are easy to follow and you can use it to bet live very quick and comfortable way.

Betting on mobile devices

Betfred app for mobile betting is very user-friendly and easy to use. Unfortunately, Betfred mobile is offering different mobile apps for Sportsbook and other games (casino, lotto etc.). This should be no big deal, but only the app for Sportsbook is available on Google Play. Other games are available only in the version for Apple devices. So if you don´t have one, you can bet only on sports.

Main features

Long history – you can rely on a company with 50+ years tradition

Promotions – especially Betfred horse racing and football promos are pretty cool.

Many deposit and withdrawn options – you can manage your account with many fast and secure eWallets and credit/debit cards

Live betting – deep coverage of some smaller sports


When we wanna compare Betfred to similar betting companies, there are some reasons why we can recommend them to you. This betting company has a long and interesting history and it´s not the only online platform. You can found their shops all around the UK and speak to company stuff.

Betfred sign up offer is interesting and other promotions are focused on football and horse racing, so if you like them, you should give this bookmaker a chance. Same story for snooker, rugby or cricket fans. This bookmaker is offering live coverage for this sports and bring high value to their customers.

Reviewed by our expert Expert Paul MorrisonPaul Morrison Sports Specialist, Independent Sports Betting Expert

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Avatar for Bet Admin
19 June 2018 at 13:38
So far they've been quite good. I joined a few weeks ago, and received my £30 all sports bonus. A few of my World Cup bets did well, and so I requested withdrawal. I was paid into my PayPal account within 3 hours, which pleased me a lot. Will give it more testing now.

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