World Cup 2018 Predictions and Betting Tips

World Cup 2018With each coming day, we are getting closer and closer to the final stage of the World Cup 2018 in Russia. A huge number of sports and football fans around the globe are waiting for this greatest sporting event which takes place only once every four years. The best 32 teams from all continents will compete for the most prestigious football trophy in the world. Even without the Netherlands, Italy, Chile, and the USA that failed to qualify for the final stage, the 2018 FIFA football World Cup is going to be the most spectacular football event this year. The greatest players such as Lionel Messi, Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo are still yet to win the World Cup, so, we will witness their magnificent and exciting play from the first minute of their first match to the final referee’s whistle in the last clash of their teams. As always, there will definitely be amazing winning streaks, unimaginable goals, and dramatic moments. Without a doubt, we will see shocking results and unbelievable comebacks. For many people, it is intriguing how Panama and Iceland will make tournament debuts since these teams qualified for the World Cup for the first time. The World Cup betting tips are becoming popular today, as the majority of online bookmakers have already offered the World Cup betting odds on the first matches and even the World Cup winner odds. Likewise, everyone can already bet on teams to advance from the group stage. If you are a novice bettor, you might find it helpful to get some guidance as to betting types, which we discussed earlier, before going to one of the betting websites and pick a worthy bet. And now it is time to immerse into the World Cup betting and look at the World Cup odds 2018.

World Cup 2018 Betting

Let’s take a peek at the World Cup 2018 betting odds provided by popular online bookmakers and look through the latest predictions and tips on World Cup betting. Ladbrokes offers the next World Cup odds 2018 for all national teams to win the main trophy:

Germany 5/1
Brasil 5/1
France 11/2
Spain 13/2
Argentina 8/1
Belgium 12/1
England 14/1
Portugal 20/1
Uruguay 25/1
Colombia 33/1
Croatia 33/1
Poland 40/1
Russia 40/1
Denmark 80/1
Mexico 80/1
Sweden 80/1
Switzerland 100/1
Senegal 125/1
Iceland 150/1
Nigeria 150/1
Egypt 150/1
Peru 150/1
Serbia 150/1
Japan 150/1
Costa Rica 250/1
Morocco 250/1
South Korea 250/1
Australia 500/1
Iran 500/1
Tunisia 500/1
Saudi Arabia 1000/1
Panama 1000/1

As you see, there is no an obvious World Cup 2018 tournament favourite. Germany and Brazil have equal chances to win the soccer World Cup 2018 (5/1). These teams are followed by France at 11/2, Spain (13/2) and Argentina (8/1). It is noteworthy that hosts Russia come with the World Cup winner odds of 40/1. Now, let’s take a look at the World Cup 2018 predictions for each of eight groups.

World Cup 2018 Betting Tips and Odds

World Cup 2018 FanGroup A

The group with hosts — the Russia national team, is considered to be one of the weakest groups in the final stage of the football World Cup 2018. Here, the main battle will unfold between Russia and Uruguay. The South American side with their world-class players such as Edinson Cavani, Luis Suarez, and Diego Godin looks the strongest in this quartet. The World Cup odds 2018 for Uruguay to progress from the group at 1/4. Without any doubts, Oscar Tabarez’s men will provide the most challenging test for footballists from Russia. More than likely that Uruguay will be the first, while hosts will take the second line of the table. The Egypt football team has not participated in this prestigious tournament for twenty-eight years, and it is really interesting how Mohamed Salah and his partners will compete with stronger sides. The majority of pundits making their own World Cup 2018 predictions don’t see Egyptians as a competitive side. It is likely that the African soccer team will take the third place in the group. Saudi Arabians with their enormous World Cup betting odds (1000/1) are a clear outsider among other rivals. Bookmakers and bettors think sportsmen from this country have no chances at this championship.

Group B

Many football experts and analytics consider Group B the strongest quartet in the tournament. In the opening match, Spain with their magnificent squad will face Portugal. It is remarkable how many superstars can appear in this clash: Cristiano Ronaldo, Marco Asensio, Andres Iniesta, Diego Costa, Isco, Andre Gomes and many others. Both rivals will try to avoid meeting with the national team of Uruguay in the Round of 16, so, more than likely they both will strive to be the first in the table. In many World Cup 2018 predictions, tipsters note that the Iran football team which was the third outfit qualified for the tournament can cause a lot of problems to those favourites. Besides, Morocco also had a perfect qualification campaign, so, the two top sides of Group В should understand that nothing is guaranteed. With that, if looking at betting odds offered for teams, Spain and Portugal are odds-on favourites to progress to the next round. Bet365, one of world’s top-class sportsbooks, provide next prices for competitors to advance to the Round of 16: Spain – 1/16, Portugal – 2/9, Morocco 7/2, Iran – 11/2.

Group C

France are the strongest side in Group C. Indeed, offering the World Cup 2018 odds, bookmakers consider that the France national team has the highest chances to advance from the group stage of the Russia 2018 World Cup. Bookies also give them the very short World Cup winner odds (11/2). Kylian Mbappe, Antoine Griezmann, Paul Pogba and Co begin the campaign against Australians, who passed through two rounds of the playoff to win a ticket to the football World Cup 2018. It is likely that French won’t have problems in this match as well as in other games during the group stage. All other sides are much weaker than the favourite. Peru, Australia, and Denmark are approximately equal, so, it seems it’ll be a serious fight among them to occupy the second position. Yet, our preferences go to Denmark as they had a really impressive qualification round and proved themselves as a very solid and disciplined team. Denmark’s World Cup odds 2018 to continue participating at the tournament after the group stage at 5/8.

Group D

One more toughest group, and one of the most unpredictable. In the majority of the World Cup 2018 predictions, Argentina is a clear favourite of Group D and one of the favourites to win the football World Cup this year. The betting odds for Argentines to make the final at 4/1. They have a crazy line-up, however, they play only when Leo Messi creates something in attack. It is difficult to say what Luis Sampaoli can and should do to lift players’ spirit and prepare them for the Russia 2018 World Cup. The Albiceleste are followed, bookmakers and tipsters think, by the national team of Croatia with the second highest World Cup 2018 odds to qualify for the next round (1/2). Croats with Ivan Perisic, Mario Mandzukic, and Ivan Rakitic are a strong and competitive team which can cause a lot of problems for any opponent. That’s why online betting websites provide pretty short World Cup 2018 betting odds for Croatia to advance from the group (1/20). Let us also not forget that there is Iceland who had a brilliant Euro-2016 campaign and finished the qualification round for this World Cup in the first place. As for Nigeria, we have recently seen how they crushed Argentina in a friendly match. If delving into the World Cup betting, Super Eagles’ chances to go further aren’t high. The World Cup betting odds for Nigeria to qualify from Group В at 23/10.


Group E

Group E is Brazil’s group. All experts and analytics in their World Cup betting tips put the national team of Brazil at the first place in this quartet. Moreover, many of them stated that Brazilians are going to be the winner of the upcoming tournament. Their World Cup winner odds at 5/1. Neymar, Gabi Jesus and Co can knock out any rival regardless of its power and ambitions. Brazil coach Tite managed to select the squad, motivate players, and connect with capricious leaders. This is actually another reason to expect much World Cup betting on this outfit. More than likely, Brazil’s powerhouses will bring them the first place in the group. Otherwise, they can face Germans in the playoff. It is much more difficult to predict who will be the second team to advance to the Round of 16. If looking at World Cup 2018 predictions, Swiss have more chances to be the lucky ones. They look stronger and more disciplined than other two sides. Serbia has a good selection of players, however, they usually fail prestigious tournaments. Some football fans posted in their World Cup betting tips that Costa Rica can spring a surprise for other rivals. It is enough to recall their success in Brazil when the team qualified from the group with England, Italy and Uruguay.

Group F

Champions and World Cup betting leaders Germany have got in Group F with Mexico, Sweden and South Korea. Only a miracle can’t prevent Germany with their three crushing squads to be the first here. As for other national teams, Mexicans have higher chances to pass through the qualification round. In World cup betting tips, they are mainly second. Bookmakers also expect Mexico to be participants of Round of 16. Their World Cup odds 2018 to advance from the group stage at 21/20. Yet, some experts predict that it won’t be easy for them to play at the upcoming championship. There are also Sweden, who surprisingly outcompeted Italy in the playoffs. Swedes have motivated, well-balanced and solid team and play very good even without their former leader Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Their World Cup betting odds to progress from the group at 5/4. Few believe that South Korea will succeed. By the way, the World Cup 2018 odds on South Koreans to become the outright winner of the tournament at 250/1.

Group G

Let us move to Group G where the national team of England will compete with Belgian superstars. In all World Cup 2018 predictions, both England and Belgium are favourites. They have been drawn Tunisia and a debutant Panama. In the opening match, England will face Tunisia. Harry Kane, Jesse Lingard, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and their partners are likely not to have any troubles in this game as well as in the group stage. The question is who will take the first line of the table. If you look through numerous World Cup betting tips on the Internet, you will see that experts’ opinions diverged. A lot of punters and betting gurus bet on England, while many other pundits see Eden Hazard, Romelu Lukaku, Kevin De Bruyne and Co to be the champions of Group G. The World Cup betting odds for both outfits are approximately equal. Undoubtedly, Tunisia and Panama have no chance to go further. In World Cup betting markets their chances to qualify from the group at 6/1 and 15/2 respectively.

Group H

The final group is the most challenging to make the World Cup 2018 predictions. Poland are the seeded side, however, their opponents are very strong outfits from different continents. There are Colombia with Radamel Falcao, Senegal with Sadio Mane and Japan with Shinji Kagawa. Colombians having big experience and excellent line-up look the most dangerous. They are likely to be the first in this group. Poland can place the second line, however, they are very dependent on Robert Lewandowski’s game. Japanese also have good chances of qualifying from the group. They are experienced and organized. Bookmakers offer 19/10 World Cup 2018 odds on Japan to advance from the group. Senegalese are also in a good form. They are one of the strongest African nations qualified for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. Their World Cup betting chances of qualifying for the Round of 16 at 7/5.

Not much time is left until June 14th when the referee’s whistle will be blown and this exciting football tournament will start. Now we have a chance to learn all teams thoroughly, delve into World Cup betting, and select the best World Cup 2018 odds for our bets.

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