What Is Handicap Betting

Handicap BettingHandicap betting is one of the most popular wager types. It is used for certain sporting events, such as football and horse racing. This type of betting lets players place stakes on more beneficial terms. This is why many punters worldwide are interested in handicap betting explained. Sometimes they fail to understand the scheme of such wagers and lose the opportunity of winning quite a pretty sum of money. In this article, we’ll tell you about this wager type, its features, possibilities, and advantages.

What Is Handicap Betting?

It is applicable, first of all, to the competitions with a predictable score. In other words, bettors use this wager type when one contestant is much stronger than the others or when there is an evident outsider in a game. Normally, bookmakers offer lowered odds for such sporting events, which makes them less attractive for potential bettors. In order to improve the image of these games in the eyes of the general public, bookies address the so-called betting handicap.

Essentially, this wager type adds one or more points to the weaker side or, on the contrary, takes certain amount of points from the stronger side’s score. Thus, what is handicap betting? It’s the stake that equals the players’ chances of success before the game starts. Focused on the opportunities and strengths of the favorite and the underdog, your bookie can add 1, 2, 3, or a greater amount of points. Everything depends on the game, the players, and, surely, the bookmaker company itself.

What does handicap betting mean? If you still don’t understand the scheme of this wager type, study the following example. Let us take, for instance, the NFL with two popular players: the New England Patriots (evident favorite) and the Dallas Cowboys (weaker side). With handicap betting for football, your bookmaker gives the stronger performer 4 points, i.e. the team starts the game with –4 points. The outsider, on the contrary, starts the match with 4 additional points, i.e. its score is +4 points. Thus, in order to cover the spread, the New England Patriots have to win by 5 points as a minimum, or more.

If the match finishes with the score of 21-18 in favor of the stronger team, the winner of the game with handicap football betting will be considered the Dallas Cowboys. The thing is that in compliance with the conditions of the wager, the contest has ended with the score 21-22 to the benefit of the underdogs. The bettor will win this football handicap betting if the Patriots close the match with the score of 23-18 to their own benefit or even more. In this case, taking 4 points from the winner’s score, we still have 23-22, which means that the favorite has proved its strength and might.

Types of Handicap Betting

Handicap BettingThis wager scheme has a number of variants. Actually, they have much in common: the weaker side always gets certain amounts of additional points, while the game’s favorite loses some points before the beginning of the match. This is the way a bookmaker equals the sides’ chances of victory ahead of time. Here are the variations of this wager type with their distinctive features and opportunities:

Asian handicap betting. When you place such a stake, you have a 50-50 chance of winning, but not 33%, as in the case of standard 1×2 wagers. The thing is that this scheme eliminates the possibility of draw, as both the teams get and lose the same amount of points at once. For instance, a bookie can add 1.5 points to the underdog and take 1.5 from the favorite’s score. Thus, no matter how the game ends, with Asian handicap betting explained, you will certainly have a winner and a loser, but no tie. These stakes start from adding/taking away of a quarter of goal and reach as much as 3 goals. The latter are used in competitions with a large disparity in ability.

Split wager. What is handicap betting of this type? It’s the stake that you place for the matches, in which the difference between the two teams’ abilities is less evident. In this case, you can spilt your bet over two handicaps, which makes your chances of success higher. For instance, you select handicap betting for rugby and your bookie offers 0 and –0.5 for your favorite, the stronger player of the match. If the team you’re backing loses, both your bets gamble away, too. Neither 0 nor –0.5 can cover the handicap. If the game finishes in a draw, half of your wager will be refunded, while the second half will lose again. Your rugby handicap betting will win with both the stakes only if the chosen team wins the competition. In this instance, you’ll gain profit from both of your wagers.

Level handicap. This wager variation is used for the cases when there is no perceived difference in the players’ abilities. Thus, neither of the teams gets additional points before the start of the game. Their score is 0, which makes their chances of success absolutely equal. Then, how does handicap betting work in such circumstances? The thing is that this stake eliminates the possibility of draw. You have to guess the winner of the match, no matter how many goals it’ll manage to score. If the game ends in a tie, all wagers will be refunded, as the handicap will be equal to 0. In other words, you can win only is the team you’re backing gains a greater number of points. 

Single handicap betting. As the name implies, in this wager scheme only one of the teams gets a changed number of points before the beginning of the match. As a rule, it’s the strongest side. You bookie may give the favorite –0.5 point, –1 point, –1.5 points, and so on depending on the opportunities and strengths of the players. With this handicap betting explained you simply select a stronger team and hope that it will win enough of goals so as to cover the handicap and still remain the game’s favorite. Or, on the contrary, you may back an underdog and wait for it to gain the right amount of goals, so as the other team could not cover the margin.

How to Win with Handicap Betting Football, Rugby, and Other Sports

This wager scheme requires a bit of thought. And this is the very reason why many punters refuse from this promising and popular type of stake. They simply fail to understand the way it works and the way they can make profit of it. We will do it differently. What is handicap betting for those who want to get real money? We will answer this question via a number of spectacular examples.

Let us take, for instance, the match Germany vs. England. Your bookmaker adds 1 goal to the score of Germany, the game’s underdog. This team is weaker than its contestant; this is why it’s being offered a head start. Thus, before you select certain side in this football handicap betting you should think carefully, whether the English footballers will manage to overcome their –1 margin. And vise versa, will this additional point help the Germans gain the upper hand in the game. Read the specialists’ pieces of advice, compare the odds from different bookies, and only then place your stake.

Having handicap betting explained you can try your luck in other sports, too. Let us take rugby, for instance. In the match Kings vs. Crusaders, the former side is an evident underdog, while the latter is a stronger player. In order to equal the teams’ chances, you bookie may give –28.5 points at odds of 9/10 to Crusaders, and +28.5 at odds of 9/10 to Kings. In this rugby league handicap betting the half points are used for the purpose of elimination of tie outcome. In other words, there surely will be a winner at the end of the game, and your stake will either win or lose.

Briefly summarizing, with this wager type a bettor can significantly increase his profit. The only thing he has to do is to understand the initial concept. Be ready to endure certain damages at the beginning of your handicap betting experience, and sooner or later you’ll surely celebrate a victory. Try to be as attentive as possible while placing a stake, analyze the previous and future events, and study the odds from different bookies. All this will lead you up to successful wagers.