Top 10 sports betting tips for a beginner

Top Betting TipsFor someone, betting on sports might seem quite simple — just bet on a stronger team and never stake on an underdog. It’s not as simple as that, however. Although winning at betting is possible, it is challenging either, especially for newbies. So, if you are new to this, here are some useful and important tips you want to know before start staking money on sporting events.

Have a budget

The first and one of the most important steps when starting the journey in the world of betting is to set a budget. You should decide how much money you are ready to spend for bets. It’s crucial not to stake more than you can afford to lose!

Set a goal

Sports betting can be either business or entertainment. If you’re going to make bets only for fun, then you can stake on anything you want. In this case, keep things simple as possible and regard the possible loss of money as a pay for excitement. If you’re going to turn your bets into business, it’s important to understand – no one would ever give a hundred percent guarantee any player or team will win in any tournament or a single match. Therefore, you’ll need to spend some time to pick the necessary strategy allowing to get profit at a distance even when your favourites lose.

Know betting basics

Of course, you want to be aware of betting rules and basics. This will definitely help you get the maximum of different aspects of staking and make the process enjoyable. Besides, although the majority of bookies have similar rules of sports betting, some of them may still vary, so, make sure you understand all the necessary things you’ll need in order to place bets and avoid possible issues.

Bet on sports you know best

Female tennis playerIf you really want to get a profit from wagering, bet on sports you have a knack for. Really, to make right betting decisions you’ll need to know almost everything — from sports statistics and news to the psychological condition of a team. Therefore, whether you are into football,  basketball or tennis, knowledge of these sports will definitely facilitate selecting right bets.

Choose the betting strategy

For any professional punter, a betting strategy is a vital part of wagering. Indeed, advanced staking methods can drastically reduce risks of losing money and simplify the money management. Note, the number of betting strategies is huge. Some of them are used for the fast profit, while others are more focused on small but fixed returns. There is no an ideal staking strategy, therefore, it’s up to you to decide which one will work best for you.

Manage your emotions

If you’re a beginner, you should understand that mastering your emotions is vital. Never let them cloud your judgment no matter you are in a winning or losing streak. You can win ten in a row as well as you can lose ten in a row, and these streaks shouldn’t cause overconfidence, euphoria, fear or anger. Such emotions can dramatically impact thinking and, therefore, betting decisions. So, a good rule of thumb is to bet only with a cool head!

Learn betting markets

As you might know, bookmaker’s lines have different markets on a single match. Take football, for example. For this sport, bookies typically offer:

  • Home – Draw – Away markets
  • Double chance markets
  • Handicap markets
  • Total score markets
  • Cards markets
  • Corners markets, etc.

So, betting on sports provide much more options than just a selection of three common outcomes of a single game. And this is great! Take advantage of a double chance market if you have some doubts whether a chosen team will win or draw. Conversely, if you are confident in a favourite, find a selection with appealing odds in a handicap market. In such case, you’ll need more than just a victory — the team should win more than in one goal. Likewise, if you think that in a certain match you’ll see more or less than two, three or four goals, take a look at total score market and choose the desired selection there.

Never bet 100% of your bankroll

If you want to make a profit from sports betting, stay away from betting 100% of your bankroll. Keep in mind, there is no a shoo-in in any competition or match, and the only stake can cause losing all your budget. Note, many professional punters bet only 2-5 % of their entire bankroll, depending on probabilities and odds.

Avoid accumulator betting

Skillful bettors often bet accumulators, taking advantage of their sports knowledge and experience. This allows them to get higher odds and, therefore, winnings. However, betting accumulators is not a good idea for beginners — this type of staking has higher risks. When a single selection loses in an accumulator, the entire bet also loses. Bet singles and have strong chances!

Be patient

In betting on sports, it’s crucial to have patience, especially for newbies. High winnings will take time and effort — no one starts making money on the first day! So, enjoy sports betting and have fun!