Premier League Betting

Premier League BettingFootball is generally recognized as the greatest sector of gambling, admired all over the world. In order to turn their hobby and passion into money, people from different parts of the Planet use numerous online and offline Premier League betting companies. Over the last few years, this industry has gone into the melting-pot, as the overall technology has been seriously improved. Nowadays, there are thousands of various wager options for punters from different continents to choose from. In this article, we’ll tell you about the opportunities of the English Premier League betting, different types of wager, and the secrets of successful team choice.

Types of Wager for the UK’s Greatest Football Tournament

Here are the most common variations of bets you can place on the matches of the English Premier League:

Match Bet. It’s the most widespread type of wager, which implies that you predict the overall outcome of the contest. You can either back a home victory, a draw or an away victory. Having chosen this variant of betting on Premier League contests, you just make a bid on one of the three possible options. In other words, you try to guess whether one of the competitors gains the upper hand or the competition ends in a draw. Sometimes, Match Bets are also called Match Outrights or 1×2. Irrespective of the name the bookmaker uses, the sense of this wager type remains the same.

Correct Score. This is a very popular type of football betting (Premier League is no exception, either). The fact is that there are long odds for this variation of wager, as it’s almost impossible to guess the accurate outcome of the contest. However, some punters do manage to predict it and scoop a large profit. If you want to succeed in this type of Premier League betting, think, first of all, of whether the competition will be a high scoring one or not. If you suppose that it’ll be a low scoring match, narrow your variants down to 1-0, 2-0, or 2-1. In the case of a high scoring competition, you have more options to choose from, along with the chance to win big even with a small stake.

First Goal-scorer/Anytime Goal-scorer. Study the Premier League betting odds and take a chance to win the cachet with a minimal stake with this popular type of sports wager. The thing is that the First Goalscorer market is highly unpredictable. Naturally, there are some players in an excellent physical form or those who always manage to kick a goal throughout the game, but in most cases it’s impossible to guess the first goalscorer. In most Premier League betting tips, specialists note that it’s much wiser to use the second variation of this wager and predict a player to score a goal at any moment. In such a case, you’ll have a more lifelike chance to return profit.

Half Time/Full Time. These offers have overloaded the market, though they still attract punters by hefty risk and reward they provide. Look through the latest betting odds for Premier League and take, for example, Barcelona and Malmo. Let’s consider that the Spaniards will be evident favorites, which is quite logical. In order to return some profit you’ll need to place a huge stake. But if you select the Half Time/Full Time wager, the outcome of the game will be narrowed down to two variants only. In these types of Premier League betting, you are to guess the half time result or the outcome at the final whistle. You can also try to predict who will be the winner at half time or at the end of the tournament, or if there will be a tie.

Double Chance. This variant of English Premier League betting provides that a bettor backs up the team, which is a slight underdog in the current competition. This option lets you double the chance of getting certain return. Naturally, this variant of wager is used only when there is a hint that a weak player can pull off a shock win. In the Double Chance Premier League betting, you can select either Win or Draw. But remember, that this market comes at the reduced odds in comparison with the options of the common match stake market.

Draw No Bet. Here, you are offered insurance in cases when the side you back up finishes the match in a draw. This football betting option covers a wide range of scenarios. In fact, it’s the same as placing a bet on Manchester City in a Match Bet, noting that it’ll beat Chelsea; but if the latter holds out for a draw, you’ll simply get your stake back. Actually, Draw No Bet is like insuring yourself for the matches that are likely to be close. However, the Premier League betting odds for this wager are noticeably lower, than the ones in the common market.

Each Way Bet. It’s a very common concept denoting the whole group of tournament or league wagers. In the Each Way Bet, a punter has to guess a place finish, which is primarily second, third or fourth. If your choice is correct, you will be given reward at 1/4 odds, as it’s the most widespread percentage payoff for this market. Let us consider, for instance, that you back up Liverpool at a price of 8/1. If you’ve placed a bet amounting to £2, and your favorite finishes second, third or even fourth, your profit is £4 at 2/1 odds. In fact, it’s a variation of insurance wager, but there is no sacrifice of odds for the case if Liverpool wins in the tournament.

Premier League Betting 2Betting Odds: Premier League and Its Favorites

Manchester United is considered to be the most evident favorite throughout this tournament. It was unbeaten during its latest matches, with the record outcome 3-0-3. Experts note that the club will do its best to pick up a new straight win in the forthcoming Premier League games. At the same time, some specialists consider that the Red Devils’ stranglehold has slightly weakened in the recent weeks. According to the actual Premier League betting odds, Man goes off at -10000 to become the winner of the tournament and it looks unbeatable at 20-0-1. However, this indestructibility seems less evident after the club’s meeting with the Eagles, which finished in a draw, and when it lost 4-3 to the Reds. Bettors, who think that Manchester City’s latest missteps are the sign of their on-coming total collapse, can still get certain betting value within the top-five teams enumerated in the standings. They include the Red Devils, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Tottenham Hotspur.

According to Premier League betting tips, Arsenal Football Club is out to 12/1 to recapture its way into the tournament places by May. However, it’s hard to say if the Gunners will be strong enough to cope with other teams that are eager to become the participants of the competition. It’s tied with the Red Devils for the 2nd best home record in the tournament at 8-1-2. Though, in view of the road struggles that the club had to face, Arsenal stays outside of the table’s top five players with only 39 points.

The Liverpool’s unexpected victory over Manchester seemed to be an excellent chance for the other teams in the Top-5 to take a heat out of the City’s supposedly noncompetitive lead in this year’s contest. Think carefully when betting on Premier League matches, as you never know the outcome of the games Chelsea vs. Leicester City, Tottenham vs. Everton, and Manchester United vs. Stoke City. The latter, by the way has the worst road record in the championship, which equals to 1-7-3.

Thinking about Leicester City, punters remember that this team has gone on a nice run within the last few weeks with a four-game run of luck, which includes a notorious victory over Tottenham. At the same time, the club has cooled down since their tremendous win, and their road record slid to 1-3-1. Thus, Leicester City remains a dark horse in the forthcoming contest that can pull a trick at any match.

Comparing different Premier League betting tips concerning Chelsea, you’ll easily notice that the Pensioners have totally prevailed in these head-to-head games over the last years with a 12-1-1 read record in their recent games. This is why this club is often mentioned among sporting experts as one of evident favorites to gain the upper hand.

A.F.C. Bournemouth is one of the three top-flight clubs with no defeats in their recent League games. The Cherries can boast of three wins and three draws, which is quite a good result compared, for instance, with their major rivals – the Spurs and West Ham United. Will they show the same tremendous playing in other contests? We’ll surely see.

Now that you know the key types of betting for Premier League games and have an idea of the EPL odds from the most respectable bookmakers and experts, it’s high time to select the team you are going to place your bet on and hit the jackpot in the world of Big Sports.