Popularity of in play betting tips

Football game on TVIn the last years, there is a new product in the online gambling world. Millions of people around the world put theirs in play betting tips on different betting sites. Due to the popularity of this kind of betting, in play betting is a big business for online betting sites. So they invest a huge amount of money to provide online streams of a wide variety of sports event to their customers. They also pay specialized bookmakers to watch sports events and they are inventing new software to adjust odds accordingly during matches.

In this blog post, we would like to introduce in-play betting, describe advantages and disadvantages and also provide some in play betting strategy.

What is in play betting?

In simple words, it´s a way to place in play betting tips and put your money during running sports events, not only before they start (or prematch).

How odds for in play betting are set?

At the beginning of the match, odds are more or less same as prematch. During the match, odds are changed by a bookmaker or by software in accordance do important match events (e.x. in football, these important events happened when goals are scored, players injured, booked or substituted). Odds are also changing during the time of the match. E.x. odds on total goals or points are getting bigger during the match. As there is less and less time to score the goals, probability gets lower and odds get higher.

What sports are available for in play betting tips?

There is a simple answer to this question. It depends on your betting site. Some betting sites are covering few events and are offering live betting on them. But the bigger companies are covering a huge amount of sports and competitions. So you can choose almost every sport and competition you can imagine and try your luck with in play betting tips.

There is also a difference in offered odds, as every betting sites have a different strategy and offer a little bit different odds and margin. When you wanna try bet live on some popular sport and competition, you can choose almost every online betting company and you cannot make a huge mistake.

But when you wanna take a serious approach to and try some in play betting system or some in play betting strategy, you need best odds and wide offer of matches. Then it´s time to register at some big company at the market.

Advantages of putting in play betting tips

In play betting tipsThe main advantage of live in play betting is very obvious. When you watch the game, you can react to what´s going on during the match. When you bet prematch, you have access to a lot of pieces of information about players, past team performance, and other important factors.

So you can compare your information and put your pre-match bet when you see value in odds. But whatever you do, you can never forecast few things. The mindset of the players, their motivation for the match and others. These factors can be crucial and you can´t forecast them before the match is started. But then you see players in action, you can get all these info. So you can react and adjust your bets.

Bookmakers are watching the games as well, but if you can „read“ the game correctly, you can get a big edge over them. This approach can be also part of simple in play betting strategy. You watch the match and if you see some value in odds, you put your money in. Sounds very simple, but this in play betting system can be very effective and can make you serious money, if you follow some rules (like keeping safe money management).

In play betting is funny

If you´re not serious bettor and bet just for fun, you can enjoy it more with in play betting. It another huge advantage, as for a lot of people betting is just kind of hobby. Why? Because it´s just more fun to watch the game when your money is in play. You can bet just to support your favorite team or to support your wisdom about sport or competition. It´s even funnier when you watch the game and bookmakers give you an option to react to match events.

Do you believe in some crazy turnaround in the match? You can put your money in and hope for a resurrection of the losing team. When you win a bet like this, it ´s a great feeling. Even better when you’re watching the game with your friends and you can prove how good fortune teller are you. Is your favorite team playing a good game, but is a little bit unlucky and cannot score? This could be very nice bet (even in accordance with simple in play betting strategy), as it´s usually just matter of time before dominating team scores.

Can something go wrong?

Yes, of course. If everything is easy, all people could be multi-billionaires and there is no betting company left on the market. It´s just a sport and anything can happen. Even best teams and players have bad days. Even better teams can hit some posts and then conceded a goal from some strange, lucky shot coming from nowhere. And most important, bookmakers are taking margin from every bet and make money whenever you lose or win. So you have to be really good to beat them in the long run.

It´s very good to have some strategy and bet in accordance with it. You need to follow strict money management rules when you don´t wanna go broken. And as a basic rule of thumb, you should never risk money you can´t afford to lose.

Are you ready to start with in play betting?

Well, This post is not completely strategy guide and you should study more if you wanna put your money in. But you should know the basics now and when your friends ask you, what is in play betting, you should be able to answer them.