Matched Betting

Matched bettingMatched betting is a popular wager technique allowing bettors to make a guaranteed profit from a number of free bet promotions and bonuses that are frequently offered by different bookmakers. They regularly advertise such offers, especially on the threshold of great sporting events; this is why you’ll always find a good opportunity to use this challenging wager technique. In order to succeed in this type of wager, you should be ready to perform some mathematical calculations. That’s the only way to transform the free bets from bookmakers into real money, avoiding all possible risks.

Matched Betting in Every Detail

As we have already mentioned, this type of wager relies on mathematics rather than fortune, which means that the chance of loss is really low here. In order to use the opportunities of no risk matched betting, you should select two or more bookies or betting exchanges, with at least one of them offering some free bets. When you use these free stakes, you cover all the possible results of the tournament. Some of them are hedged with free bets, while others – with the bets you’ve placed with other bookmakers.

Therefore, whatever the outcome of the game, you’ll surely retain your free stakes. The secret of this scheme is explained in our matched betting blog: in short, you place opposite wagers with different bookmakers and exchanges that offer free and payable stakes, covering in such a way all the possible results of the competition. There is also a more advanced variation of this wager, which involves placing multiple bets on various bookies, avoiding betting exchanges that are known for their commissions. In most cases, bookmaker companies offer free bets only if a customer places some payable stakes. For this, he places a bet on the chosen outcome of the match that occurs with the bookmaker, and a bet on the same result that doesn’t occur at the betting exchange. In such a way he protects himself from loss in the event that the game ends up in a different way.

Let us explain what is matched betting with some simple examples. Take, for instance, football matches. You place a bet on your best team to win and pay for that; at the same time, you place a free stake for the same team to lose. Finally, regardless of the outcome of the contest, you will always have a secured profit, as one of your bets has been made free of charge. It is for all these reasons that online betting sources and betting exchanges are so popular nowadays, as they let people place bets without official odds-makers.

How to Succeed with Matched Betting UK

As indicated above, this type of wager is based, first of all, on free bets offered by bookies. If you don’t use these stakes, you wouldn’t be able to make any profit, as you’ll have to spend quite a lot of money. However, the only way to release the free bet is to place the so-called ‘qualifying stake’. This is the opening phase of the matched betting process, and the very moment when you have to exploit your money. Most of British bookmakers have attractive signup offers for their clients, so that the latter were interested in subscribing to them. Besides, there are many inviting offers triggering people to place their first bet or to subscribe to the website’s newsletter. In any case, with our matched betting guide you can get the most out of these opportunities.

Let us take, for instance, a bookmaker offering a £20 free bonus for the customers who place a £5 qualifying bet. This signup offer stimulates potential bettors to stay with this company, as they can use these free wagers for their own benefit. At the same time, they may feel doubtful about this type of wager, for they still have to spend some of their money in order to use the free bet opportunity. This is actually where we get to the substance of this process.

Using matched betting in the UK, people always apply to backing and laying of stakes. Let us see what these terms denote:

  • When you back a bet, you bet with the sports bookmaker that the chosen team will win;
  • When you lay a bet, you bet with the exchange bookmaker that the chosen team will lose.

Now that you have matched betting explained, you can easily see that the combination of these two wager types gives win-win results. You simply cover all the possible ourcomes, as these stakes effectively cancel each other out. And as one of these bets is free of charge, we are sure to have certain profit irrespective of the results of the competition.

Scheme of Matched Betting

Sports betting bookiesLet us consider the way one can make profit with this type of wager:

First, you need to make a qualifying bet. As we have already mentioned, matched stakes rely on free offers from bookmakers and betting exchanges, and here your key objective is to get this offer from the chosen company. Thus, you place a qualifying bet in order to release some free wagers. It’s the initial stage of the whole process of matched betting, and here you may have to lose some of your money.

Second, you get a free stake. What is matched betting? It’s the wager based on free stakes. Modern bookies and exchanges have the following free offers for their customers:

  • Sign up offers

They are aimed at the clients who are just opening their betting accounts. When you sign up to a new bookie or betting exchange, you can be offered quite a lucrative sign-up free wager. The only nuance is that such offers are provided only once, when you create a profile on certain website.

  • Reload offers

They are provided as a reward for certain actions. For instance, many matched betting guides mention the situations when you are offered a £10 free bet for the stake amounting to £20. A typical reload offer can also sound as “Place a $10 bet and get a free $5 bet”. Such Initiatives appear more frequently than sign up offers, especially before major sporting events when bookies hurry to attract as many bettors as possible.

  • Additional offers and bonuses

Every bookmaker has a variety of individual offers that can become the basis for matched betting UK. For example, you may be offered a stake returned free bet: when you use it and win, both the free stake amount and the winnings are returned to you; if you lose, you don’t get any award. There are also deposit bonuses, when you receive 100% of your stake to your balance after depositing.

Every company has its own free offers, so it’s up to you to find out which of them can be used for your personal profit.

Calculating betting valueThird, you place two bets – a free one and a payable one. With this stage of the matched betting explained, you should find back and lay odds with equal (or almost equal) prices. Try to place your stakes at the highest odds possible to enhance your income.

Let’s say you have chosen certain horse to take the upper hand in the races at Sandown. You bookmaker provides the odds of 7.00 (back, i.e. for the horse to win), while the Smarkets exchange offers the odds of 7.50 on the same horse (lay, i.e. for it to lose). You use a matched betting calculator and find out the following: if you place a stake of £50 on the chosen horse to win you’ll get £40.11.

Lay stake is equal to (back odds – 1) / (lay odds – fees) multiple by free bet value

(7 – 1) / (7.50 – 0.02) * 50 = 40.11

As we have already noted in our matched betting blog, along with this stake, you need to place a lay stake on the same horse to the point of covering all the possible outcomes of the race. When you lay your wager at odds of 7.50 with the Smarkets exchange (having at the same time a back stake of £40.11), you have a bet liability amounting to as much as £260.71. The bet liability is figured out with the use of matched betting calculator in the following way:

Liability is equal to backers stake multiple by (lay odds – 1)

40.11 * (7.5 – 1) = 260.715

If your favorite comes first, you win £300 with your bookmaker and loose £260.71 with the betting exchange. All in all, this wager will bring you £39.29.

If the chosen horse loses, you’ll neither win nor lose anything with your bookie, but get a £39.30 award from the exchange. Thus, your net income amounts to £39.29.

Experienced punters say that there are also matched betting without free bets, but they are more challenging and complicated. Besides, such wagers can be used only when bookmakers offer the so-called ‘reloads’ – bonuses offered to existing customers when they place a qualifying bet, as explained above.

All in all, if you want to succeed with matched betting, you should monitor the latest loyalty programs offered by different bookies and betting exchanges. As soon as you notice an attractive free offer, hurry up to make a win-win combination and maximize your profit from sports wager.