Do free betting sites work for everyone?

BetIf you’re reading this, it definitely means you decided to get into the punter’s craft. You might be aspiring to become a professional gambler. You could be enjoying the thrill of betting your possessions on “Sugar Bandit” (the horserace favourite). You might as well be humbly hustling for a couple o’ extra squids from free betting sites, why not?

But whatever your final goal is, the first thing you’re supposed to do is to learn all the ins and outs of the biz – mindless gambling unavoidably brings regrets.

For instance, imagine if you wanted to have a gorgeous, bespoke, Tony Montana-styled suit. You’d invest time searching for a tailor-shop carefully, reading commentaries and reviews written by experienced customers, looking for the best price offers etc.

The same principle can be applied to the free betting sites as well. There are certain criteria and rules that cannot be violated while picking one of them – retaliation might be way too bitter.

To keep you and your finances protected, we’ve prepared a couple of useful tips on choosing free bet no deposit web-sites and also you’ll be provided with some insight on the true nature of free bets.

Bookie-woogie: which bookmaker you can trust your money to

Just like legit companies or corporations, the bookmaking websites that offer free bet no deposit services can be ranked and evaluated.

Relatively speaking, there are three major categories of free betting sites and to denote their worthiness we’ll use the following classification:

AAA type – The most credible bookies that can boast of a wide list of accomplishments (e.g. history, number of customers) and also they have an almost unbesmirched reputation.

BBB+ type – It’s the second best option. They lack some of the merits that the top free betting sites are famous for. Regularly it’s because they made their debut in the industry more recently.

CCC- – It’s the dregs of the market. These are obscure and unknown bookmakers that keep a low profile like leeches at the swamp bottom. Quite often they are notoriously known for executing criminalized schemes such as deliberate fraud or money laundering. Even if you manage to place a lucky odd with them somehow, you’ll never be able to collect your winnings. They have zero/negative reputation and must be avoided at all costs.

Make bets not debts: how to recognize a reliable bookie

To bet or not to betFortunately, the best bookmakers can be easily recognized by a number of features that are as eye-catching as the jet plane signal lights. We’ll give you the brightest examples of such characteristics and their explanation.

1) The quality website

Some of you might think that it’s not such a big deal to pay attention to. Well, you’re wrong, friends. For example, you wouldn’t buy a TV or a smartphone from a shady, unhealthy and nervously-looking guy with shaking hands, right?

Website is the face of any given company and it must be very clean and presentable.

If the website…

  • Responses momentarily, at a fingersnap,
  • Has a laconic, intuitive and user-friendly interface,
  • Doesn’t suffer from glitches or bugs much,
  • Retains a colour palette that is non-aggressive and well-balanced,

… then this bookmaker is alright.

Do you realize how much it actually costs to develop, lunch and maintain a premium quality website? Starting at a couple of thousands of pounds it may achieve 10 grands (and even more in some cases).

2) Mobile application

If a bookie claims that he offers the best free bet offers and yet has no mobile app in the Google Store for your convenience – there’s something shady about him.

A betting application that runs on every platform imaginable, including iOS and Android is a pricey thingy. And if the bookmaker in question took an effort to provide you with it that means:

  1. He respects his clients.
  2. He has some serious plans for the future.

Oh and by the way it’s very handy: you can track all the sporting events and make new odds on the go.

3) License

It applies to all the gambling establishments within the UK, not only those that have free bet no deposit offers.

Keep in mind that the license can be issued by United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission only and no other location such as Malta, Barbados or Costa Rica is acceptable.

If you see a flashy, enticing animated banner promising “the best free bet offers” and yet there’s no license info provided – it’s a trap, to speak in Admiral Akbar’s manner.

4) Money transferring systems

A trustable bookmaker has a variety of online paying systems for you to utilize.

They include:

  • Classic bank cards – Visa, Maestro, MasterCard and others.
  • Virtual wallets – Web Money, PayPal, Google Wallet, Virgin Money etc.
  • Pre-payments – Skrill is perfect for this. Especially if you want to conceal your identity from the bookies. The only problem is that you need an alternative system to withdraw your delicious prize, in case of being lucky.

As for the Bitcoin – it’s not a thing to be quite sure about.  But a lot of respectable companies (even mega-conservative Microsoft!) accept them as a legitimate payment so there’s no reason why betting sites can’t do the same.

Plus you’ll get such additional bonuses as:

  • Pseudonymity – you won’t be ostracized by prejudiced neighbours.
  • Safety – if your bookie gets hacked, no info of yours will be stolen/leaked.
  • Instantaneity – you can replenish your deposit within a couple of minutes.
  • Cost-effectiveness – they will pinch less of your prize money.
  • Awesome compatibility with the E-betting – bank cards and electronic wallets are lethargic in comparison with the Bitcoin.
5) Brand reputation

A bookmaker you can trust must have experience, a spotless reputation and a rich background.

If a betting shop is generous enough to offer you free football bets (or any other free sports bet that needs no deposit), then he must be rich enough to afford a massive advertising campaign and promotion.

Before parting with your dosh you should also check that particular bookmaker’s history (some of them have been in the business for decades) and read commentaries left by its customers. Especially search for comments regarding unpaid winnings.

Your bookie must not be a rookie.

6) Field of expertise

Betting shops have a tendency to be omnipresent, trying to establish their overlordship in the biz: from MMA to Dota 2 matches.

However if you specialize in betting on certain sporting events like football, you might want to stick to a bookie that exclusively works in this sphere. Why? They can provide some useful forecast and free football bets as an extra-appetizing bonus.

7) Perks

A bookmaker who loves his clients is praiseworthy. Apart from just free bet offers he may rain over your head with such gifts as:

  • Cashback – a certain percentage of the spent money will return to you.
  • Weekly/monthly “allowances” (bot only for the regular customers).
  • Prize competitions.

As you can see, the generosity isn’t limited to free bets only. If you’re loyal the treatment will be royal.

Insensitive incentives

Now here’s something you should know about free bets and other enticements.

You might be supplied with promo cash, a free sports bet that requires no deposit and other cute little gifts. However there’s always a false bottom.

The majority of bookmakers will make you bet your own money for a certain number of times, before giving you a free bet with no deposit or smth of that sort. For example, before you get access to a £25 bonus stake, you’ll have to invest £100 of your own money first.

The same goes to risk- free bet offers – usually such a stake must be matched three times before it becomes accessible to a bettor.

To avoid such “booby traps” read Ts & Cs closely. It sounds like a terrible cliché but the devil is in detail. Only top-ranking and the most reputable bookies actually provide the best free bet offers (their wallets are fat enough for this).


Now you know what nuances you must focus your attention on when choosing a free betting site. To simplify the searching process we recommend using our review that aggregates all the relevant features for you to pick the best betting site to try your luck.