Accumulator bets: How to make more money while having more fun

Accumulator betsSince this article is designated for all types of betters, including the fledgling betters who only start gaining valuable insights into the fascinating world of online betting, we have decided that before we get to explaining details about accumulator betting, it is necessary to explain the actual terminology. So, what is an accumulator bet? To put it simply, the accumulator bet is the type of betting where a player places a few bets at the same time on the events that occur simultaneously or over the designated period of time. All bet should be put on the same wager (or a betting slip). The player who placed the accumulator bet win only when all outcomes of the sporting events were guessed correctly.

The types of accumulator bets

Basically, the bet is an accumulator one when it contains four or more selections, though there are double and treble accumulator bets which have two and three selections respectively.

  • The four-fold accumulator has four betting positions.
  • The five-fold accumulator contains five selections.
  • The six-fold accumulator is comprised of six bets.
  • The seven-fold accumulator includes seven betting spots.
  • And finally, the eight-fold accumulator is a bet that is made up of the maximum eight selection.

There is also such type of accumulator betting as each way accumulator bet where the player can bet on the Win and on the Place. The bet on the Win is self-explanatory, the gambler puts the money on the team, or a player, that supposedly will win the contest. The Place part of the bet implies guessing the place in which the player’s selection (whether it is a horse, a racing car or a runner) will finish the race or any other similar competition. In case of each way accumulator bet, the amount of bet is divided equally between the Win and the Place and the winning are calculated by a special formula. Each way betting is less popular than the team sports accumulator betting, though it does attract a decent number of players.

The history of accumulator bet

The accumulator betting was introduced approximately 20 years ago in the United Kingdom. It was used primarily for betting on the outcome of football matches which is quite self-evident, since England, and Great Britain, in general, is one of the most football-loving nations in the world. Since that time, the accumulator betting has broadened its field of application, and now gamblers from all over the world can place accumulator bets on other popular sporting events, such as hockey, cricket, basketball, boxing etc. Nowadays, making the accumulator bets before the start of every sporting weekend is in an integral part of the British pub culture. By the way, the Brits, as well as many English-speaking gamblers, often call the accumulator betting simply as the “acca”. So, whenever you find yourself in a good old English pub, or any other sports bar for that matter, and hear someone bragging about how they have hit it big time on their “accas”, you will know that they are most likely discussing the football bet accumulator.

The reason why the accumulator bets are so popular

Placing winning betThere are two main factors that explain such an overwhelming popularity of accumulator betting. The first one being the much higher aggregate wins compared to the conventional multiple betting. Let’s review this factor on the theoretical example of a football bet accumulator. Let’s say that you want to place a bet on the outcome of the following four football matches:

  • Selection 1: Barcelona vs Mallorca (handicap – 1 and -1.5) 1,794
  • Selection 2: Real Madrid vs Valencia (handicap -1,5 and -2) 1.877
  • Selection 3: Atletico Madrid vs Celta (handicap -0,5 and -1) 2,050
  • Selection 4: Deportivo vs Real Betis (handicap -1 and -0,5) 1,347

This accumulated bet basically means that the player has wagered on Barcelona, Real Madrid, Athletico Madrid, and Deportivo to win with the specified handicap. If these teams overcome their opponents on such conditions, then the player’s winning will consist of four multiplied coefficients: 1,794 х 1,877 х 2,050 х 1,347 = 9,3. Let’s assume that the player has placed an accumulator bet of $200 on these four selections. Given that all of them win with the required handicap, the gambler will become a happy owner of a hefty sum of $1860 (200 x 9,3 = 1860). This is undoubtedly a much more significant winning than he/she would have had in case of separate bets on each sporting occasion.

The second factor lies in the fact that accumulator betting actually makes the process of gambling much more intriguing and captivating. In countries where sports and sports betting has been transformed into a multi-billion industry, there are dozens of matches held every weekend. Only in England, the player can bet on eight or more matches and follow them live at home or at a pub. There is no denying the fact that rooting for eight teams at once is way more exciting than supporting just one or two squads. That is exactly the times when those lower league matches become as important as the Premier League ones because, in case of the accumulator bet, it is necessary for all your bets to be correct – one late goal from the opposing side can either make your wallet significantly heavier or lighter. The football and other sports bet accumulator has one of the biggest payouts among other kinds of betting as well as an emotional rollercoaster.

Best accumulator bet websites

Young woman considers betting tipsThere plenty of legal gambling website on the Internet, but the player should always bet using the ones that are considered the most respectable, safe, and reliable. We could name a few of such website, though we are convinced that when it comes to online gambling, and accumulator bets, in particular, you shouldn’t settle for less than the best in that industry. There is no doubt that Bet365 is one of the finest, if not the best, gambling website for the placement of bet accumulators. Pinnacle, William Hill, and Betfair are also good websites for accumulator betting, but they aren’t as player-friendly and convenient as the accumulator betting on Bet365.

How to place an accumulator bet of Bet365

Even if you have made a bet or two in your life, you would probably wonder how to place an accumulator bet properly once you find yourself on the homepage of the Bet365 website. Actually, placing an accumulator bet is fairly simple. On the homepage, you have to choose the type of sports you’d like to bet on, for instance, football. Pick the corresponding country and the league where teams you want to bet on are playing. Pick the upcoming football matches and place your bets by clicking on the boxes which show the possible outcome of the match. Your bets will be automatically included in the betting slip which you can see on the right-hand corner of the web page. In order to place the accumulator bet, you will have to click on the Bankers, which is the outcome of the match you are surest about, and then choose a few more bets of select the whole betting slip. Then just click on the “Set a Bet” button and your accumulator bet will be submitted.

Accumulator bet tips

The successful accumulator betting involves many factors, such as a deep insight into all occurrences in the given kind of sport, the availability of a well-elaborated betting strategy, and, of course, Luck. However, there are certain accumulator bet tips which may increase your chances of winning.

Always do your homework. Follow all occurrences in the world of sports, especially in the sport where you bet. Knowledge is power and it also relates to betting.

Never bet big if you are unsure about the outcome of the match. Being cold-minded and slightly conservative may be less thrilling, though it is definitely more profitable.

And finally, utilize the draw no bet option in accumulator betting. Essentially, the draw no bet accumulators allow the player to bet on both win and draw at the same time by marking the corresponding box in the betting slip. If the team wins, the player makes profit, the draw will get him/her the stake back and makes the selection void, whilst the loss will result in a failed bet accumulator.