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Best Betting Sites Comparison and Reviews

If the idea of making money by betting on sports sounds appealing to you, then you have already done your homework and found out that contrary to the popular belief, there are actually many people who make very good living by earning money from sports betting. And you also realize that even though a majority of those who bet on sports events end up losing their wagers, you are prepared to do research and follow the rules in order to succeed in real-life as well as betting online with betting sites.

Each online betting fan has his or her own strategy, plus they add many different variables that can determine the success of online betting on different sports, but if you are serious about earning profits from betting is to be consistent and follow simple rules.[vc-hide-more]

online bettingBetting means essentially that you are placing a wager on a success of the event. You are placing your money in support of your claim that your team, horse, dog, or cockroach will win. If they win, you win. If they lose, your bet is lost. It’s as easy as that.

Online betting allows placing bets on any event that takes place anywhere in the world. Online sports betting which you can learn more about at best online betting sites is perhaps the most convenient option for people who are new to betting and are keen to try it. Before you start any sports gambling adventure with the goal to entertain yourself or to begin money gaming, you should familiarize yourself with betting offers and bookmakers which also offer great betting tutorials.

Aside from earnings, online sports betting is also a lot of socialising, fun and good cheer, and you can enjoy it at home or in your favourite pub. The trick of winning the game of online betting may seem complicated, but once you learn a basic gaming jargon and understand the science of the most common betting strategies, the whole thing becomes a lot easier to grasp.

Online sports betting websites offer the easiest way to practice betting without spending a lot of money, and you can find sports betting apps and best betting sites to be also easy and enjoyable. To explore online betting you can begin with racing and sporting events to get the taste of sports betting in the virtual world, and there are lots of betting websites that also allow betting on actual sports events. But first things first. To take advantage of all the exciting opportunities betting has to offer you have to learn the basics.

Best Odds in Sports Betting

Here how online betting works. Your homework is studying odds that will occur at the event you are keen to start placing your bets on. You can usually find these odds on betting sites and studying the betting offers. Once you have decided where you will be placing your sports bets, you also need to decide how you are going to make your first bet. Here is what the spread is and how it is related to the amount you are prepared to bet.

The spread is a point advantage which a team or a horse (or whoever is competing) that is forecasted to lose is given before any event. If you plan to bet on the expected winner, then you must bet more than the spread number so that you cover the spread. If you plan to bet on a “loser” team, then your bet must be less than a spread number in order to cover the spread if the team wins. If the expected loser wins by more than a number of spread then the game is called a “push” and you get your bet back.

Something to keep in mind is that when you place your bet in any sport that can end up with a high score, such as football, you will have to consider for a spread. Remember also that best odds in a game can miraculously work in your favour. Online sports betting allows you to change the sports book frequently in order to find the best odds.

Your online betting options

You can find hundreds of reputable sports betting websites that offer best betting offers and significant bonuses. Compared to conventional betting shops online betting sites can be very liberal generous with signup promotions and additional bonuses. Best betting sites are available 24/7 and just a few clicks away.

Best betting sites are easy to find and they have many features that are appealing for the first time gambler. Once you have located the best betting offers, you can enjoy a multitude of online betting categories and tactics. Finding the right time to bet is essential to the successful outcome of your betting. Most of the time, nine of ten online books follow successful examples. So the most important things are to pay attention to how the line moves. Using the best online betting websites you can do this from the comfort of your living room.

You can find lots and lots of good-quality online betting sites with great customer service and knowledgeable support. Many of the best betting sites offer best odds for popular sports such as horse racing bets, football, tennis, golf betting, dog racing, and ice hockey. Let’s take a look what online betting sports can you explore as you try popular betting sites.

Horse Racing Betting
Horse racing has a long history spanning at least two millennia but people started placing bets on horse races only about a hundred years ago. With online sports betting, there are several betting strategies at a horse race. First of all, pick horses that are often taking part in races. You need to choose a horse with a certain class, good fitness, strong running style, perhaps the famous jockey, and of course the speed. One of the most important betting advice is to know the horse you are placing money on. Most horse racing cards will give you numbers from the horse’s racing results.

Another popular betting strategy is to guess at which order the horses finish the race. This type of betting is called exotic and you can get a lot of horse racing tips online when you research your strategy. You can try and guess which two horses come first and in which order, you can also try to guess the first three winning places. The hardest to guess or predict — and that’s the biggest paying bet, if you win — is when you guess first four horses and in the correct order as they finish the race. Also, worth checking for horse racing tips.

With online betting on horse racing allows you to bet on popular horse races around the world. A good horse racing betting tip is not to copy bets that other people making. Explore other horse racing cards and learn everything you can about horse racing.

Online betting on greyhound racing

  • Bets on greyhound racing became very popular recently. Basically, you are guessing which beautiful animal is going to become a winner of the race. While online betting on greyhound racing can seem very easy — all you need to do is to pick a winner! — this seeming simplicity made a lot of people beggars, not betters. So here are some racing tips that could help you place some clever bets.
  • First of all, the age of the dog is important. Normally, the younger the dog, the quicker it is. Male dogs around two years of age are considered in top condition, while for female dogs it could be three years.
  • Another racing tip is to be choosy. Don’t follow the crowd who may all be doing it wrong and instead carefully choose a dog based on criteria often outlined in racing cards.
  • Only choose dogs that take part in many races. This shows that a dog is in good physical shape. Dogs who have been out of racecourse for some time are more prone to injuries.
  • The quality of races also matters. If the dog has taken part in many prestigious runs, it shows that she has a good speed and is very fit. Racing Post greyhounds reviews and news is a good source of background info.
  • The best racing tip is to do your homework, even if you are betting on greyhound races online. Do the research on Racing Post greyhounds racing history and tips. Racing Post is a great source of all news on betting and Racing Post race cards are invaluable source of information on any history of the animal (or a team) you are betting on.
  • Another good racing tip is to keep your coo and not invest your winnings back into the game. This is not just a greyhound racing tip, this works for any kind of betting. Always stash at least a third of your winnings. Racing Post app is a helpful tool to keep you in control of your betting.
  • And of course, reading your paperwork is the ultimate betting tip. Race cards, such as Racing Post race cards, contains precious information that you need to place a smart bet.

Online betting on football

Today football is probably the most popular team sport on any continent, and thanks to billions of fans glued to the screen to watch its most important events, more and more football gurus can make real good money on their football knowledge and test their expertise by trying their odds at football betting.

Most football fans back one football club for life but with online betting on football you can also add some drive to the game by betting on the strongest team. Here’s one of football tips: even if your favourite team doesn’t win, you can still ease up the pain by scooping up some good money — of course, if you haven’t bet all your hard-earned money on your team. Diversity is key to good betting strategy. By the way, you can get more football tips in betting apps which often have tutorials for beginners and even free bets.

Online betting on football is not only easy, it’s also very entertaining. You can find lots of ways to bet on teams any time of the year. And since you can open your betting account in a few minutes, why not explore some of the most popular option to bet on football.

Matched betting is the most straightforward way to get into betting. All you have to do is to predict who becomes the winner. Each outcome has different earning potential determined by odds. The less likely the team is to win, based on Racing Post cards and history, the more money you get if they win. Matched betting also allows betting on the number of goals scored. In addition to matched betting, scored betting allows you to guess or predict the final score of the match. You can also try and guess which player will score the goal or more than one goal. You can venture further and try to guess who scores the first, second and the last goals but such specific bets carry high potential of losses and equally high potentials of high earnings. Some online betting websites can even accept bets on who gets injured or gets a yellow card, but of course payouts for such successful bets are extraordinarily high.

For those who like betting according to a strategy, tournament betting is simply a godsend. Here you can pick winners in a group or a pool, you can add traditional matched betting, and you can venture as far as guessing the winner of the whole tournament or even guess the number of goals scored by the winner. The limit is only your imagination (and of course, the amount of money you are prepared to bet!) Most popular betting websites such as Racing Post will provide plenty of football tips when it comes to betting.

Online betting and money games

Betting as a hobby is considered to be a popular hobby. You can bet on all known sports and each competition turns into money games as millions are wagered on each player or a team. When you embark on sports betting you should keep in mind several rules that you should stick to if you really want to succeed in your betting game.

The first rule of money games is to never decide which player, animal or a team to bet with your heart or emotions. Only think with your head and your wallet, as you should always bet not more money that you are prepared to lose. This tip lays ground rules in sports betting.

Problems start when you turn emotions on and allow yourself to bet on the best-looking horse or a team which you have been a fan of for ages, even if the winning history is not so good. The truth is that you should never bet on your favourite athlete or your home team. When they lose — and they will lose one day, that’s how the sports industry works — you lose money and your heart is broken not once but twice.

Another problem is that people can get carried away with betting and wager more money than they can afford. Even in a middle of a losing streak they get so emotional, so they keep betting regardless of how much money is left in their bank account. They falsely think that one more bet will change everything. So make sure you bet only the comfortable amount of money and if you feel that stars are not on your side, curb the betting spree for the day.

Remember that there is no guarantee that you will always be a winner in sports betting, so a good rule of thumb is to stash at least a quarter of your earnings in case of a good win. Don’t wager all of your earnings on the next race.

If you stick to these time-proven rules of sports betting you will always be on the safe side. It’s as simple as that: bet with your mind, don’t get carried away, and don’t dump all your hard-earned cash into a single betting spree.

How legal is sports betting?

Some people think that sports betting is a restricted activity similar to casinos. This is true that in many countries casinos and gambling facilities can be limited to certain areas. Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Atlantic City are some good examples. But in most countries sports betting is legal. It is heavily regulated in Europe and Asia, but you can bet online and offline in betting shops without any fear of legal prosecution.

In North America sports betting is not so widespread. Canada and the United States allow sports betting only in Delaware, Montana, Oregon, and Nevada.
But this doesn’t mean that North Americans cannot bet on football, horse racing, or greyhound racing, as well as a multitude of other competitions. Online sports betting websites offer ample opportunities for Americans and Canadians to bet on their favourite sports. So even if you choose online betting sites to check your local legislation to make sure you are on the safe side.

How do Bookmakers Set the Betting Odds?

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Top 10 sports betting tips for a beginner

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Premier League Betting

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Cricket betting

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Football Betting

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